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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mining Basics for all those that want true Freedom, and bypass this failing system.

I have given you many tips, and knowledge on mining. The reason is I have the experience and based on personal experience I have found that Hash-power is not the only factor here. If you are not running a warehouse, suite, or another place where you have the best way to make good, then you will have to read the reasons my way is the best to get started, and you can make a good living despite what the negative naysayers say.

Let us look at an Antminer S-3 Farm. Two Antminer S3's can be connected to one, Correct, Power supply. This saves on electricity and you must use multi pools to mine multiple coins. Hash-Power is no longer an issue because the multi pools mine the most profitable coin every second anyway and just pay you in the coin you are requesting.

Once you have your miners set up with each having it's own unique I.P address, then you must choose the right Multi Algo Pool for you. Either Zpool. CA, Yiimpccmier, or countless others that are surfaced. Program at least three different coins that you want to be paid in to your own wallet that you either have on your computer, or mobile device. Every other day, or once a week be sure you exchange your coins through shape-shift, to whatever your base coin is, Either Ether, Dash, Litecoin, or even Bitcoin. I tend to use another because this way only you will know how much you have as it should be.
The below example shows two pools, but it is good to have three. Think about this 3 different coins for each Antminer, Multiplied by 20 Antminers is 60 coins, which means you have 60 streams of income, Trust me, you will see when you are converting to your base coin how quickly it really does add up.

Using this graph, you can see that we have a split of mining ScryptJaneNf16 Algorithm, X15 Algorithm, Qubit Algorithm, and Lyra2RE Algorithm. The best way is to have a steady, Multiple stream income that you can see add up when you convert to that coin you are using as your base coin.

I have other tips and tricks, but remember this, The next time someone says to you that you need hash power and mine one coin not divide your hash power, you look at them and simply say, 60 will always be greater than 1.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The New Way To Think

What we must understand is we need to have complete control of our coins. Exchanges are fine if the coin cannot be shape-shift easily, but that should tell you that the coins you mine should be on that shape-shift list.

During recent events with the BTC-e exchange having the FBI take it down, it is hard to get the perspective because I know for a fact after being in the Military for ten years, that All of them do not even know the actual codes, they have to look it up, and the book sits on the shelf until they can use it. Secondly, they only use a small context that benefits their reason. This is a form of dishonesty, and I can not fully accept it.

Since I do not have all the facts of what is going on with this situation, I will just educate. The FBI cannot Seize it, if they do they have committed a crime. It is Decentralized and Deregulated. The agents do not have the authority under decentralization, Only fear allows you to allow them. If the data is on a cloud or your wallet It cannot be seized so why would you put your information out there in the first place.

All the coins I mine Go directly to my wallet and I shape-shift them directly to another. I have no information, they cannot get at my money because there is no central information. And If I happen to find I have to use an exchange I will never exchange more that $16.00 value at any given time.

This Form of currency was meant to be private. I have heard all of the Horror stories that Bitcoin along with others is not. Listen get an electrum Bitcoin wallet and look ant multi-signature, look at sending addresses, look at mixing. There is no way to trace, because it was meant to protect you from hackers.

Every-time you send a transaction from your Bitcoin wallet, you generate a different sending address. I asked a year ago when I did a blog on the Block-chain, to anyone telling them if Bitcoin is not ANONYMOUS, then tell me how much did I send 5 minutes before I posted that article. To this day not one had the answer. Because it is all speculation and lies.

Usually, your transactions become public when you use a centralized exchange. If you would only use the exchange for small values, and shape-shift your larger ones, you will find that there will be a far better world when you are in control and there is no central hub that has your information.

Shape-shift is for PRIVATE PERSONS WISHING TO KEEP THEIR FINANCIAL SECURITY a RIGHT PROTECTED AND WILL NEVER BE UNPROTECTED. This statement is true so long as people start to stop sharing their information with exchanges.

It is fine, as I said, If you do a small value, so people do not see. There are similar services but one has to understand it is an address only transaction now, instead of where an exchange your information is broadcasted on what you are trading.

Want pure anonymous safe secure exchanges only deal with the coins you can shape-shift.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bitcoin News Sunday, July 6, 2017

The world of Crypto currency Ignites. The playing field is starting to look up. There are countless blogs such as mine that give free information and eduction on how to earn a living with cryptocurrency, and they have many sites trying to scare you you have to use some good judgment when it comes to articles. If they are telling you to dump a coin, or that a new particular coin will rise better than Bitcoin, please be cautious. There is no proof of things that the fear mongers state, and there is no evidence that the new coin promoters will be attractive to the miners.

There was talk before the fork split that people should not use electrum, and go to Bitcoin core wallets, Well I ignored that right away, and come to find out the BCH or Bitcoin cash fork overwrote the core wallets, weather this was true, fixed or anything, I was unaffected, because I ignore anything that does not meet logic. Electrum wallets are synched automatically to the block-chain. That means they have no block-chain to download. This means safe. I had no problems with the Electrum Bitcoin wallet and after the smooth fork the transactions were there without incident. Glad I use my own decisions instead of listening to the ramblings of those that actually make no sense. There were even people telling others to use electrum.

Hopefully most listened to logic instead of People that truly know nothing, but just think they do.


What is happening? Bitcoin surpassed the $3,000 mark? This will mean that there are some great changes coming to the playing realm of cryptocurrency. With every new favorable legislation that helps people break the bonds of the central banks, the people and the economy of the world has the possibility of flourishing.

With the coming weeks, into months, you will see many coin prices rise. This is mainly because people in general are slow to respond, and it takes some a little longer to get their feet wet. Think about a pool in summer, there are those that will jump in with both feet right away, and then there are those that will slowly waddle until they feel comfortable enough to start to swim. The same goes here. Patience will be the deciding factor on who benefits now.

Here is an article of more reasons why coin values can rise pretty fact.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bitcoin Cash Situation

After careful Consideration, We have to understand That it is the MINERS that decide the coins. If you look at this like any other business, a MINER has to mine in a way that produces a profit, or at least a revenue.

With that being said, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is not really looking like a coin that miners will take to because of some very interesting flaws.

1. Mining pools are not finding blocks in a very normal way as well as blocks are being mined from an unknown source, This worries me.

2. The wait for a transfer is not economically sound.

As you can see as A miner it would not be a coin that I would mine at this time. I would not mine it just for a Possible future, I would only mine in a way that would make what I want. If you use the Correct Mining Process, You should have multiple streams coming in regularly and not just one coin.

If you are mining One coin I am sorry that will never do what is needed. Multiple coins, and each coin or way should be studied to ensure the block difficulty, and of course how long does it take for a block to be paid to miners.

At this time BITCOIN CASH (BCH) does not look like the right coin for a miner to mine and until such times as that changes, it may mean the end, because it is the miners that make the coins, and the miners cannot make blocks if they are not being found. Think about it, even the miners earnings are transactions that need verification, and if there are no blocks, no transactions, it will end the coin.

Read more here:

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Life of a Miner.

Some people mistakenly use the term that Crypto currency miners get into this because they are lazy. I for one can tell you that reason is a false statement. Let us take an example we can all relate to. When there is something wrong with your cable television, You immediately call the cable company to complain. The cable company then transfers you over to tech support, who tries to handle your problem by going through a script of the most common trouble shooting techniques. If they cannot solve your problem the customer support person has to schedule a time where a physical technician comes out to look at the problem and hopefully fixes it.

This does not happen in the world of Crypto miners. For one thing, there is no company to call, Oh you could call the mining equipment manufacturing company, but they will tell you handle it. For one thing, you are tech support, you are the technician, you are the one that must figure out what is wrong and fix it. So let us look at some of the skills you must have to be a successful crypto currency miner.


You must be able to understand how a computer works, especially if you are running GPU mining systems. You must be able to deduce why a graphics card (GPU) is not running right. You must also be able to program simple BAT files.


You must have a good working knowledge of ASIC or Antminer repair and maintenance skills. You must understand how a miner works, how it runs, and what the common parts are in order to properly maintain and keep your ASIC/ or Antminer working.

Yes it is true, us miners are not in the slave mentality anymore, but that offers two real life lessons. 1. We must be self responsible. We as miners realize we are solely responsible for our pay. There is no crooked Corporation or boss that oversees our paycheck. We must take self responsibility and do what is needed. After all if we are not making the money that we need, then we must take steps to correct it and gain what we need. 2. We must be in total control of our coins we mine. Mining to an exchange is never a good idea. Sure it may seem simple especially with all the multi algo mining pools that actually send you your coins once the minimum you specified is met. But you need to have your own wallet for each coin you mine in order to be in complete control of your money.

There is much more, but this is the basics. Do not listen to people on social media sites using their ego to promote certain coins. You must study the block difficulty, the algorithm, the time it takes to find a block, and how often a block is found and paid to miners. You must also decide if the coin will assist in your pay or not.

I hope this gives you some insight on us miners. After all If it were not for us miners, there would be no Crypto coins. Everything in this crypto currency realm is retaliative and we all need each other.

What the SO-Called Financial Experts Actually forget.

What is the true meaning of money? Simply put Money is a ledger of trade. That is it. Value is only dependent on the individual using that particular ledger of trade. Let us look at an example.

In this scenario, there are two 9 year old children. A nine year old boy, and a nine year old girl. The girl has two Black Canary trading cards, and the boy has two green arrow trading cards. The boy wants a black canary, and the girl really wants a green arrow to complete her collection. The boy says to the girl, “Ill trade you one of my green arrow cards for one of your black canary cards.” The girl agrees and they swap cards.

What just took place? Each traded a card for the other. This trade now defined each of those cards as money. Because the cards held value to each child.

Bitcoin as well as DASH, LITECOIN, DIGIBYTES, and many other forms of cryptocurrency has proven by 1000 fold, they meet that ledger of trade. The wallets even have a ledger just as any other bank account.

As you can see, from the above picture of an electrum bitcoin wallet, that each transaction is not only recorded onto a public open source blockchain ledger, but it is also automatically recorded onto your own wallet ledger. The ledger of trade proves it is money. Nothing more, just the ledger of trade. What is great about cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, is finally the MINERS (Real people) decide the coin. This is the way real money should be, not controlled by Crooked banks and financial institutions.

So the next time some unenlightened half wit tells you that Bitcoin has to prove it is a real currency, Point out what currency, or money really is.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Programming A BAT File

Really it is easier than it sounds. In this example we will be using SGMINER, which is known for mining X11 Algorithm coins such as DASH (Formerly Darkcoin).

The first step you will need to do is open up notepad if you are using windows, or a text editor if you are using linux. The following picture example is for GPU miners and You should be using one of the pools that was in poolpicker.eu. For a lesson on that please see previous blog.

The following is an example of what to type on your text editor.

After you have the pool and all this information typed You will need to save this file. Make sure you are saving as all files and not a .txt. You cannot run a text file. Once you change it from text to all files Save the file as YOURCOIN.bat Then close it
Go into where you saved the file and just copy that file, Next go to where the SGMINER folder is, Open it and paste that file into your SGMINER folder. Now you can double click on it and it will run. You should see something like this:

That is all there is to it. The same process can be used with any of the mining programs, each miner has it's own style of what you should do like instead of the SGMINER you may have BFGMINER, CGMINER, or which ever you are using. This process is similar and will mine the Algorithm you want.

Hope this helps all that want to know

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

GPU Mining For 2017

Even though it becomes more and more difficult to mine a coin with a GPU system, and you find yourself at the mersy of those with Mega-Hash-Power, There is a way you can make good with a GPU mining system as an assist. This is using your head and doing what Crypto-Currency was designed to be, Multiple streams of income.

Use one of the Multi Algo pools and you may have to switch based on your algorithm you are using, or maybe the pool is paying out great, just switch what coin you want to be paid in.


Head over to Poolpicker.eu

You will see a list of pools some of these pools have sister sites, Not listed that pay out either the same or longer, which means more coins. The best strategy here is to pick a lower alt coin, it does not even matter what ALGO you are mining. You are just sending them a message what coin you prefer to be paid in.

As you can see GPU mining will never be dead, it just has to be done a different way that is all. This is for the newcomers that want to start to earn in order to afford better mining hardware. Hopefully this article helps you understand a little. Tomorrow we will discuss using sister sites and how to program a proper bat file.