Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Crooked Insurance Industry V.S Cryptocurrency.

It is a foregone conclusion that the Insurance Industry is the most crooked industry in the world. With the companies that continue to steal money and get away with non-payments, simply because they can deny a claim. The problem with this is reality. You are paying the premium, that means you are the master. The insurance company needs to do what it is told to do, when it is told to do it. How many of you have seen this:

The simple fact that they can deny your claims, make them an industry that can easily be replaced now thanks to crypto currency and self responsibility.

What you can do is simple, instead of paying the crooked insurance industry a premium every month, take that same amount of currency, and place it in a staking wallet, which will add interest. Now every month you will have your premium gain interest as you keep paying it into your wallet.

When you need to fix something, all you have to do is get three quotes, determine how much is there and use what you need to pay for the repairs. This does not only apply to home owner’s insurance, it can apply to all insurances including, but not limited to:

Health Insurance
Vision insurances
Automobile insurances
dental insurance
Worker’s compensation

and many others.

The possibilities are endless, just as the innovation of the crypto currency world. There is no need to pay companies big money that never do what you need. The game is now in the favor of the people, and if any insurance company wishes to survive, they will not be able to do anything but what the customer, or rather, the real boss wants and needs.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Mining Bitcoincash

Mining Bitcoincash (BCH) when your address format is not recognized

The bitcoincash network has went through an address change. This new format of address may not be compatible with mining BCH, however there is a way to circumvent that. First you will need to do the following:

Go to the official lightweight wallet authorized by bitcoincash:

download the wallet and set it up.

Once you have the wallet setup you will have to click on the Address converter tab, paste the bitcoincash: address and you will see different encryptions of that same address. You will need to use the legacy address in order to mine here is what the tab looks like

You will need to type the address you wish to convert in the top and then you will need to use the legacy address in order to mine on some sites.

As you can see the address is now the same exact address but it is encrypted in multiple formats to be used with any type of wallet or mining site.

This way you will not have to pull your hair out and not know how to get the coin to the wallet you want.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Effectively Mining in Minergate

There is some speculation that the hash rate with Minergate is low. I am here to explain why. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) program that you download does make it easier. It allows you to switch coins and mine with a click of a button. For the record, you have no argument as to why your has rate is low. 

Let us focus on that kind of Program for a minute. Graphical User Interface. That means it is a graphic display which uses a portion of your graphics card or cards. Truth be told you cannot get a high rate with that running.


There is one thing you can do to ensure that you get the maximum hash rate for your graphics card, and that is to use the claymore mining software. I had tested this out myself and I got the exact same hash rate on minergate that I did on using it to mine monero (XMR) on There was no difference in the hash rate at all. This is because I was not using a GUI software that reduces the graphics power of my graphics card.

As you can see, the claymore mining software will allow you to get the full potential of your Graphics cards while mining on minergate without the use of the GUI software which reduces the ability of the card or cards to mine.

I hope this helps you increase your revenue.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

JP. Morgan and all Bankers can not be trusted.

Since Bitcoin and many other Cryptocurrency coins have become one of the major assets to bringing back the World economy, J.P Morgan and other bankers continue on the lie of the bitcoin bubble. After earlier posts we all know Bitcoin cannot ever be a bubble. Anyone that thinks that seriously needs to go back to grammar school because they are very uneducated.

The main reason why they continue to try and spread this lie, is because they have, for years now lost all trust in the world. The Bankers have Laundered drug money, stole millions of people’s hard earned money, fraudulently embezzled others money by instituting illegal fees, and continue to be one of the most leading causes of home owners loosing their houses.

Thank God for the real money BITCOIN and CRYPTOCURRENCY. No more is this money just printed up backed by absolutely nothing, but this currency is backed by 100% pure math. This makes this currency perfect, because math is perfect the bankers are not. In order for you to even consider to listening to anything warren buffet, or JP. Morgan and associates have to say, think about this, these people actually have funded both sides of the war where your children were killed. They blame the other, but the truth is they made a profit. These blood suckers have killed your children, you may not want to listen to them at all, but listen to the crypto community that help you become free from these vampires.

The more they come out and try to claim that bitcoin will bust, the higher it rises in price. They will just have to admit defeat here soon, because no one gives a crap what they say anymore. One thing you have to remember is that this currency allows you to have complete control of your money, as well as have self responsibility. They cannot stop this, nor can they even cause any more chaos to the economy as more and more people and markets open to it. This will destroy their control forever.

From this persons viewpoint, GOOD RIDDANCE.

The Gamers Currency Strategy

Disclaimer: The results of this strategy are the actual results I myself have achieved. The results you achieve are based on your Internet connection, the hardware you are using, and the actual wallets you choose to use. These results work best.

Today I am going to truly outline a strategy to show you a visual comparison to the original Warcraft Orcs and Humans game of the 80’s. Let us go back in time to the early 1980’s when the computer games were filled with strategy and actually using your mind. The game of Warcraft put you against the computer or another player. You started with one peasant and 4 soldiers and a town hall. The peasant was used to build the farms, mine for gold, and chop down the trees. This was necessary in order for you to build a base.

So now you have all your miners mining to your multiple coins like normal, the only difference is you will be transferring them into the main staking wallet
 This way your coins gather interest. No need to stop there, if you are like me you have multiple computers along with your ASIC miners, so just set up another staking wallet on another computer that is GPU mining wait till that one is synced, and now you can send some coins there as well.

In other words the amount of staking wallets are up to you. You create your own base, if you will. The only limit to what you can achieve is those limits you impose on yourself.

This strategy is the correct way to get ahead in the crypto mining system. First let us look at building our Town hall. Our town hall in the crypto world will be a staking wallet. This is the main coin you will transfer to because it stakes. Think about it this way, if after 1 week you have $20.00 in one coin, and leave it in that wallet, by the time it pays again you only doubled it. The staking wallet as the town hall is the main wallet you will send your coins from your miners, or if you prefer the peasants going back and fourth to the goldmine. 

Let us just say you are going to use Blackcoin as your town hall, or main staking wallet.

Now when your wallet is all synced up it is similar to the peasant completing to build the town hall where the gold will be taken to. The goal is to build your own base. This is just like Warcraft.


In other words the amount of staking wallets are up to you. You create your own base, if you will. The only limit to what you can achieve is those limits you impose on yourself.

Welcome to the future, for I would not change anything. Instead of being an actor, lawyer, or part of the system, I have achieved actual freedom where life is about living, and not about killing myself trying to get by.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Artificial Intelligence(A.I) Not good for Education.

This is one of two articles that have to be expressed. First Happy Valentines Day to all,I am posting this which was written last night and the second important article will be tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence(A.I) Not good for Education.

While there are many people all over the world that is hell-bent on using A.I to teach our young, this is not the solution. For one, there is no way to prevent those same morons from programming the same mundane routine into the A.I. Second the importance of Imagination, creativity, and innovation can only be done by a human.

Think about it this way, at first it would be exciting and unique to have a robot teach class, then after a while, as the subject being programmed is so remote, and has no bearing to the child’s interest, or passion, the child will be in the same rut as before.

The only way to prevent the outdated school system is to utilize the like minded approach. This way all the students that have the same passions will be grouped in order to ensure they are interested.
After all, they chose the subjects according to their passions.

Creativity is the only way to ensure that innovation becomes the primary focus of our future. With the A.I being able to get rid of the meaningless mindless jobs, we can now focus on the one thing they can never do, and that is creativity and innovation.

Since cryptocurrency is basically programmable money, I have set aside a XVG address specifically for the donation to this project, should you wish to view the email correspondence to UNLV and the project outline you can download the .zip file here.

Please help this project because the future is everything.

File contains
Project outline PDF
email screenshots


Should you wish to donate to the cause to help fund this the XVGaddress is below


Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Many people have the false idea that only BITCOIN matters. If you allow yourself to be placed into that category, you will allow the bankers, that we all know are criminals, to cause massive chaos to the cryptocurrency market. The answer is simple to this problem. Let us just look at recent facts.

This in no way shape or form is stating that one has to do with the other, however, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES. One-Million dollars was bet on the Eagles in this past Super bowl game. The odds of the bet was 4.5-1. This means the winner got 4.5 million dollars. On Monday Bitcoin continued to take a dip in price drastically. I am only stating that the normal person would not have access to one million dollars to make that bet. Furthermore, The price going down that low was not by accident, or only caused by FUD.

Now let us talk about real facts. The major problem that Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to solve was individual freedom of prosperity. This was done by a peer to peer proof of work which would gain consensus on an open source public ledger. What has happened was many people has taken to one coin as the main coin BITCOIN. This only allows a major target for those that wish to end freedom. Maybe the true right answer is to have a debit card for all coins, let the individual person choose the coin he or she likes to mine, which gives them what they want, and allow for more true innovation.

Just a thought.