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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Using an ASIC sha256 miner to mine any coin.

     I am writing this article because of the many questions hitting my email from amazon as well as others asking if you can use an Antminer S3 or S5 to mine Litecoin, Most uneducated people automatically say no without truly informing that person that it is possible to sell their hash power  and be paid in any coin such as Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Z-cash, and many others. Here is how it is done.

    What you need to do is choose a multi-algorithm crypto mining pool that mines multiple coins. Then you can see if the coin you want to be paid in is listed on that pool. If it is, all you need to do is set up your ASIC Antminer to the pool and the port of sha256,usually 3333, then in the password you must type c= <the coin symbol of what you want>

    I am not one that mines a single coin, because I leave the miners mining a single coin for the conversion to a staking wallet only. This is me and this is what works for me. Now let us look at the pros, and cons of this. This way you get the entire information and not one opinion from a person who does not know mining at all.


Mining like this usually returns more for your hash power because these pools are designed to mine multiple coins of that same algorithm to get the most out of your time.

You can actually get paid for your hash power in any currency that the pool mines, regardless of the actual algorithm of that coin.

These pools actually serve a purpose as well, as many crooked individuals attempt to manipulate the currency to crash, this pool must work with an exchange in order to provide some kind of balance and stabilization to the currency

    Payouts can be made several times a day, or week when the minimum is reached, usually this is much quicker than mining a specific coin.


Mining any other coin other than bitcoin, may result in the pool actually running out of that coin. You must be prepared to switch to bitcoin, until the amount of currency behind is mined.

If the coin being mined runs low when you are sleeping you will not know this until you wake up.

Need to monitor regularly in order to ensure your coin that you are wanting to be paid in is still stable.

    These pools also accept Antminer D3 and many other newer miners to help with the stability.

    If this is what you want, then you can do like I do and research the right pool for you. I hope this helps you with your profitability.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A Game Faucet Made the way Humanity should be

There has been many faucets and ways to earn bitcoin for free all over the web, even games. Now there is a game faucet made, not to make the few more wealthy that get the most referrals, but to do what humanity is suppose to do. That is Help each other get better.

Let us talk about the faucet, what the differences are, and a special update that helps you earn automatically while you sleep, as well as a referral program that helps you get better instead of getting paid for them.


The name of the faucet is Bitcoin-spinner. You start out with a basic spinner that will earn you a little Satoshi per minute. Remember, this will not get you rich you need to actually look at this as a game you want to advance to make the most out of this one. Let us look into a way to get the most out of this.


The strategy should be clear at this point. What you must do is purchase the amount of spinners with the coins you earn, in order to make the most out of this game in a shorter amount of time. Unlike most games or faucets, you do not have to watch it. Each diamond lasts approximately 2 minutes each. You fill the slots with the max 40 diamonds and that will give you approximately 80 minutes. Therefore, you can do other things while your spinner is spinning. Remember keep the browser open all the time you are using it.

The objective here is to purchase the amount of spinners that you want.

For the best results, do not try to earn the first night. Simply click on the earn tab, and use the auto faucet. When you click start,go to bed. The auto faucet will collect the diamonds automatically all night long without a captcha.

There are ways to earn manually as well, which will also give you experience points. Remember when I said at the beginning of the article, that this referral program is the way humanity should be? I am about to explain that now.


When you start out, you are a level one user. This means no matter how much satoshi, Money, you have you can only withdraw a maximum of 1,000 satoshi daily. This limit is increased as you rise up in level. There are ways to earn your experience points through the standard faucet, by earning diamonds, watching the video over and over again, but the best way is to get others to help you grow.

What you have to remember is that all referrals will need to play. When they get there satoshi to 0.00001000 you will get the credit. This will mean they are genuine and not just fakes as so many people actually are. So let us talk about the levels.

As you start you will only be able to withdraw 1,000 satoshi a day. As you advance in level to level 2 that withdraw limit is increased to 2,000 satoshi per day. This increases all the way up to level 10 where it is 40,000 per day.

All withdraws are sent directly to your faucet hub account, to insure security and credibility.

With all the greed that takes away from humanity you can now see why this style of game/faucet is the true way. I said that is the way humanity should be, because if you truly think about it we help each other grow and become the best we can be. If we all help each other grow we, each of us, can be a better being a shape a better world.

If you are ready to be that and more please join me here.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Antminer V9

This is a technical informational article on the Antminer V9. Most people scream 4TH/s is too low, however, if you are mining on a Multi algo pool that pays you in whatever coin, then the Amount of TH/s is not even a factor. For example we all know the the Antminer S3 only mines at approximately 450 GH/s however on the mining pool page it was producing 1.9 TH/s, this is because it is the amount of miners using that algorithm and not the TH/s a second. These pools are specifically created to get the most out of whatever miner, but an uneducated person who did not take the time to actually do the research by them selves by mining and not looking, would never know this.

Now let us look into the Antminer V9


Be sure to power on the miner only after all the 10 PCIe connectors are connected to a power supply.

Parameters of ANTMINER V9
Product model
Total quantity of hash chips
135 PCS
Total quantity of hash boards
Total hash rate
4TH ±5%
DC voltage input
11.60~13.00 V
DC current input @12V DC
79.59 A +10%
DC Power @12V DC input
955 W +10%
220VAC Power @25℃ ,93%
conversion efficiency of APW3
1027 W +10%
220VAC Power efficiency @25℃,93% conversion efficiency of APW3
Weightwithout package
 3.05 kg
Operation temperature
0-40 ℃
Storage temperature
-40-85 ℃
Operation humidity
prevent condensation
76 dB
Networking connection mode
Ethernet Cable
Power connection mode                  
All three PCI-E ports are required to power the board. You can use one PSU to power multiple boards, but do not attempt to power one board with two PSUs.We suggest to prevent  the control board to be powered up before hash boards be powered up.
Size(Length*Width*Hight,without package)

If you notice anything, right off the bat, you will see that the power input is only 955Watts. This is slightly higher than the Antminer S3. This means if you read the previous article you would know that by keeping the miner cool, the fan motor will not work as hard, and will therefore use less power consumption.

The Antminer V9 used on a miner farm with 3 V9’s and 1 S9 will produce 34 TH/s should you want the slow way and mine a coin, however you will never make as good as the exchange rate mining. Sorry it is because multiple coins are mined and then traded for the coin you are wanting to be paid in. That is just basic math, you cannot escape math.

So for all those wanting to use less power consumption on a multi algo pool the Antminer V9 is a good deal, also you may want to look into the Antminer D3, now that most multi algo pools acdcept that high hash-rate to mine multiple X11 coins.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mining Myth of power

Most people conduct You tube videos and other videos basing their whole theory on what miners are best based only on hash power and the amount of watts that the power supply is. The truth is that they never give you all the variables of how much is mined on a monthly basis, not daily. All coins are only the value of satoshi and not a dollar value. All is based on metrics.

    Second, just because the watt of a given power supply is, let us say, 2400 watts, does not mean that the power consumption will actually be that much. Only a person with no education of engineering and tech would actually base their decision on the amount of watt labeled on a power supply.

    The trick is to decrease the actual power that any given miner is consuming, simply by reducing how hard the fan motor is running. The truth is if you keep the miner cool the fan motor will not be working as hard, which will reduce the power consumption the miner uses. This will also increase the hash power at times.

    You must never listen to anyone that only talks about power output, or value, or that you do not make money. Research things yourself and understand the true technology yourself. Do not rely on any of the youtubbers talking, rely only on yourself. After all, that is the only way you will get to the true facts.

You have to understand, that you will never mine an exact amount all the time, all coins mined will add up in metrics, so you need to have all the variables including the monthly income, before one makes any such claims on if a miner is good or bad. If they are not cooled right, then the person doing the mining has no knowledge on anything technical. Please remember that

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Patience, If you just continue using crypto only you will be immune.

Recently George Soros was interviewed on the topic that the United States Dollar will collapse. This would, as he foolishly thinks, cause great economy crash. We here in the crypto community knows all it takes is for companies to switch to the crypto debit, bypassing all banks, and we would not be hindered in our lives.

By the way, why would any one listen to an individual that actually turned over his own people, and family to Hitler in WWII?

The trick is to let the crypto currency prices settle after all the ICO hype, and get back where it should be. Then continue mining and using it with full control of your wallets and shapeshift app. This way you will be able to have self ownership.

Also, if you even have just a fraction of a brain, you will truly realize that a wallet cannot be used by any other agency. It cannot be screened to see how much you have in the wallet, it is encrypted, and the address changes with every deposit, just as the sending address changes with every withdraw. So the actual announcement is now looked at as from a person that has no education on crypto currency at all.

Continue ignoring the price as the price settles you will see that it will be actually balanced. That is the reason for mathematical protocol. With the ever increasing number of people waking up to self responsibility, ignoring the corporate media, and idiots that foolishly take an anti freedom side, or too stubborn to just realize you do not have to give up any of your rights, no matter what others say, the people that are looking into crypto will be ever more knowledgeable, patient, and self reliable than any of the people that are not into crypto.

If one thing the crypto currency should have taught you, is that you and you alone are responsible for everything good, and bad that happens to you. Crypto shows you how to be self reliant, and that is real wealth.

In closing those that are wanting to learn crypto are the ones that are tired of others trying to make what they want, and are truly realizing that they have all the power within themselves and do not need any one else's permission to live life., These are the true leaders of tomorrow.

Ignore the media, ignore George Soros, and live life free and self responsible.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

New Lesson on Self Responsibility

We are going to take into consideration, that you have figured out the way to live comfortable on mining cryoptocurrency. We are also now going to try to expand your mind on how to make a self responsible nest egg to cover many other events that happen in life.

Let us start by using the staking wallets for what they are to be used for. When you need them. The possibilities are now endless, you can open a peercoin wallet for your life insurance. This is easy and able to be done rather easily. Now you can mine to this wallet and it will stake interest at a 90 day rate. What is more important is you can now forget about it and there will be money in a liself made life insurance policy through crypto currency, and you did not give it to a company that just steals your money.

With that being said, how about a potcoin wallet for your personal Automobile coverage. That is possible. For the amount of money you shell out every month only for the crooked companies to swindle you and make it appear it is you, when in fact, it is them that will only steal from you, you no longer have to give these criminals money.

Place potcoin in your wallet every month, let it gain interest and it is there when you need it.

Now how about medical and dental, or anything else? That could be a reddcoin wallet, or any other. Place your premium in your wallet every month and let it add interest. And you never again have to worry about claims being denied. This is the best by far to break free and be a self responsible human being, instead of a weak sap that willingly gives your power over to crooks.

In closing I would like to say this, “ If you are going to continue to whine, complain, and cry and not be self responsible, you will never be truly free, because you are unwilling to correct your course of action.” In truth if you can not accept a thought or idea, then you will never gain the knowledge or wisdom that comes from that thought or idea, because you foolishly discarded it.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Crooked Insurance Industry V.S Cryptocurrency.

It is a foregone conclusion that the Insurance Industry is the most crooked industry in the world. With the companies that continue to steal money and get away with non-payments, simply because they can deny a claim. The problem with this is reality. You are paying the premium, that means you are the master. The insurance company needs to do what it is told to do, when it is told to do it. How many of you have seen this:

The simple fact that they can deny your claims, make them an industry that can easily be replaced now thanks to crypto currency and self responsibility.

What you can do is simple, instead of paying the crooked insurance industry a premium every month, take that same amount of currency, and place it in a staking wallet, which will add interest. Now every month you will have your premium gain interest as you keep paying it into your wallet.

When you need to fix something, all you have to do is get three quotes, determine how much is there and use what you need to pay for the repairs. This does not only apply to home owner’s insurance, it can apply to all insurances including, but not limited to:

Health Insurance
Vision insurances
Automobile insurances
dental insurance
Worker’s compensation

and many others.

The possibilities are endless, just as the innovation of the crypto currency world. There is no need to pay companies big money that never do what you need. The game is now in the favor of the people, and if any insurance company wishes to survive, they will not be able to do anything but what the customer, or rather, the real boss wants and needs.