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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Advance Mining lesson

In recent blog posts on this blog, I have given you just the basics of mining. I have explained what jobs a miner does. I have also discussed that the most profitable way to mine is to have multiple income being generated. How and which were up to you to discover for yourself. Now I am going to show you how to mine, and what to really look for.

    When you are mining on a peer to peer pool you only have to concern yourself with one difficulty set of numbers. Those numbers are the share difficulty. If you look in the example below you will see that on this particualr coin, a SHA256 coin, the difficulty for the share is low. If you think about this logically the Antminer S3 goes higher than that.

 Now look at the pool difficulty for the miners mining.  The pool difficulty is also quite low. This will show you that you can get a pretty good share each week or so when the block hits. Not bad for one coin.

    This is truly the reason why people fail in mining. One they do not know what to look for,and for two they just think they can just plug in the miner, set the pool and worker and let it go. NOPE! That is not what happens. I have covered most of this on the post of "Life of a Miner" That should tell you what you need to know to even begin this job. If you cannot do it, then perhaps you may need to research Cloud mining and hope to god that, that particular site does not go rouge. But they charge you a maintenance fee, and your reward is your reward. That may be a way for you to go, if you truly cannot understand the technical responsibilities that a miner must do.

    During Halloween this year I have had a variety of miners go down. It was days of taking them down, cleaning them, and doing a complete overhaul to put most of them back online. Here it is Almost Christmas, and I am making pretty good on my income, even though, I am now only mining at about 75% efficiency.

    So the excuse of the mining calculators, which are never right, are the one thing you must never really set it in stone. This Is mainly because of a few factors:

1.Price of coin mining could increase, dollar value increases.
2.Difficulty goes down due to price drop, More coins will be mined at the same hash rate, which increases the amount
3.More miners enter the peer to peer pool speeding up the block time, which causes more coins for you and faster time a block is completed. This also means a higher dollar amount.

These three are the main factors, but they are not the only ones. This is why the calculator can never be right because these factors alone cannot be calculated ever.

    My advice either learn the miner inside and out that you want to use so you can maintain it well, or make sure you have a good cloud mining service with a better contract of a one time payment, and they charge for the maintenance.


    Why Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies can never be a bubble.

    Let us start with the obvious. The Main Stream Media along with major uneducated individuals are talking about a bitcoin bubble that will never happen. First a bubble MUST have two factors involved.

Factor 1- The asset must be a physical Asset.

Factor 2- The Asset must not be able to be had by all

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies do not have either of these two factors. For one thing is Everyone in the world can get and have Bitcoin without spending one cent of the Real monopoly money, the US Dollar.

Here is an example of a bubble that can burst, The Housing bubble.

Houses are in fact physical assets that can be felt, bought, and physically lived in. You can actually see houses. The sad part is that not eveyone can get a house. Now you will see that both those factors are present, and now we can see a housing bublle can pop.

Now for the record if any one ever mentions that bitcoin is a bubble, you can now see how ignorant, and trully uneducated that person would be. Since that person would not even know what a bubbole is, or even what factors are needed to create that bubble.

In conclusion, Bitcoin is not, and never will be a bubble.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


What can be said about all these uneducated individuals lashing out against the only true money that cannot be controlled by these same criminals that have caused every financial crisis with the " REAL MONOPOLY MONEY" the US Dollar that has no backing at all.

For one thing Bitcoin and all Cryptocurrency is backed by 100% Math. We all know math is perfect, people are flawed.

Now they want to run a desperate attempt to keep stealing from hard working people for no other reason but their own lust and greed. Guess what, we are not listening, we do not believe one sentence of what lies come from you, because we know the facts. The only thing that these Criminals forget is " WE THE PEOPLE" are the economy.

What truly shows a powerful nation? Is it which nation has the most military might? No, that would show an inferiority complex. Is it the nation whose government enslaved it's citizens? No, that would clearly show that that nation would never get ahead. Mainly because it is the people living in that nation that drives the engine. So what does make a nation powerful? The nation that is the most powerful is the nation with the greatest economy. And only cryptocurrency backed by math allows a nation to have true wealth and prosperity.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


              This video truly shows why people saying that the government is on deck and there are no agendas, or everything is fine is not telling the truth. This statement is coming from a person who worked in the Government for 10 years, and there is an Acronym that is used on a daily basis and that Acronym is S.N.A.F.U.
                  If you do not know what that means you might want to ask any person in the Army or any military branch. This is a serious problem. Many people continue to donate cash where only a small percentage actually gets to the victims. Do you really think that these organizations are above reproach?

                  At least crypto goes right to the Black Flag Rescue on the grounds to get the needed supplies. Many people have continued donating cash to various causes and they have never seen what actually takes place. One such incident occured when i was a young teen and I was working as a box boy for a grocery store. There was a donation box for starving kids at each check stand People put cash in it every day. There was only one problem, only 1% of the entire amount donated actualy went to the starving kids.

                 Please stop thinking that your cash donation is helping, if it is going to any Government, or charitable organization, It is filtered these people do not work for free. Crypto miners are the Boss of Crypto without the miners there would be no crypto currency. Crypto currency can be sent directly over an Internet connection directly to the grounds just as easy as sending an email.

                     This mayor is pleading for assistance, stop donating worthless cash that people are using as a ponzi, please donate crypto. If you do not mine crypto, I am sure you can find a BTM (Bitcoin Teller Machine), which is just like an ATM.

                     It is time to start being part of the solution. It is up to humanity to take self responsibility and show by actions we will no longer stand for any misconduct when Human lives are at stake.

                      Please donate to our website. Bitcoin Donations, and Mazacoin Donations go directly to the Black Flag rescue n the grounds.

Please go to our website and click the donate button to get the Bitcoin donations directly to the grounds:

Friday, September 29, 2017

September 29, 2017 Black Flag Rescue and Puerto Rico Updates

Royal Caribbean sends cruise ship to evacuate tourists from Puerto Rico, bring needed supplies

From a few news sources it has been said that the cruise lines of Royal Caribbean will be canceling it's sea adventure to dispatch the ship to rescue hostages and bring much needed supplies


BAD NEWS: The island of PR will be under flash-flood watch/warning throughout the weekend. The NWS lost it's DOPPLER radar, so they rely on satellite imagery on...See More
 Our Hopes and Prayers for all the black Flag Rescue and all those on the grounds in PR.

People are still in need and have not seen any assistance in some areas.

Here's someone on the island, actually there, an acquaintance, perhaps you've seen him in the news already. Anyway Angel says that Utuado needs help, no help has arrived. This is an older video from a few days, however, they still need help. Walmart is not opening there because it lost the roof. No one has water or food. In the video he says people are drinking dirty muddy water. He asks for people to send filters but the kind that you can use in a bottle, the life straws I imagine. I have another post about utuado I'll put in the comments. A man hasn't had his dialysis
In 4 days as of yesterday. Thanks.

Please continue to support these efforts to bring stability back to the families that have been effected by these storms. Remember with more storms coming this kind of devastation can happen to anyone of you. Please be the future and show we are all one. CASH cannot help at this point until there are infrastructure with electricity.

Go to the support site

Thursday, September 28, 2017


 The team is working very diligently to get provisions to the areas of the island that have been blocked by trees devastated from the hurricane. There is still People that are in need that have obstacles blocking the way to get to the islands. But the team is working very diligently to get the necessary tools to overcome these problems and to continue to provide aid to those in need.

Remember your efforts to support the team is how many people are able to be provided the very basic provisions that many take for granted.


Two private planes were also loaded up with food, water and other necessities to be brought to the families that had their entire lives destroyed by this disaster. We must continue to support these efforts because with the rising of storms this type of disaster could leave any one of us devastated. It is a good thing there are those of us that know we are all one. Humanity needs to be for Humanity.

Please continue to support these efforts to bring stability back to the families that have been effected by these storms. Remember with more storms coming this kind of devastation can happen to anyone of you. Please be the future and show we are all one. CASH cannot help at this point until there are infrastructure with electricity.

Go to the support site

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


After a long wait on standby the Black Flag Rescue is onward to Puerto Rico. We can only assume they have landed by now. With all the problems coming from the White house, it shows that Government may have outlived it's usefulness if they cannot become part of the solution.

The Rescue Operation will need much support due to the fact that there is no electricity in Puerto Rico, and Cash or credit cards will do no good because there is no infrastructure. Please people use the brain and heart donate crypto to this cause because it is the only thing that can work where no infrastructure exists.

Remember We are all one, we need to be the example and not part of the divided problem. The basic needs that many take for granted are in desperate need. Please help.

Please continue to support these efforts. It does not make any dam sense to give cash when Puerto Rico has no electricity or infrastructure, Please donate crypto directly to the grounds from the site. CASH cannot help at this point until there are infrastructure with electricity.

Go to the support site