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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Satoshi Nakamoto had the problem solved.

The whole idea of Bitcoin, as well as all cryptocurrency, was to remain without any regulation and any centralization. The primary reason for this was these same International Banking Cartel who create the regulations are the primary reason for every single financial crisis that we and the world have ever seen. If we allow these criminals to attempt to regulate this it would be saying that every person attempting to allow these criminals to make their regulations stick are either 1. Insane, or 2. Irresponsible. In either case, we are to ignore such people attempting to create any and all regulations on cryptocurrency.

Now it is being found out that Reddit may not be the source for any actual information on cryptocurrency due to the affiliations of the C.E.O of this blog forum. See more here:

It is now time to allow for all people to be free of them for good. Cryptocurrency MUST REMAIN DEREGULATED and DECENTRALIZED. This will prevent any of them to remain rich. It is time for “WE THE PEOPLE” to have our life away from these criminal elements.

No Longer do we need big giant companies to run the show. We now have the capability to create anything we want without regulation and sell it for any of the cryptocurrency. We are in charge now. What we do matters. If you want true freedom, and true control of your finances, you must take self ownership, as well as Self Responsibility and make sure you never favor corporations and regulations. Always favor Humanity, and prosperity.

We have the ability now more than ever because they are not able to easily steal from citizens while you pay your tax dollar to a private bank. Now they are feeling the pressure of people wanting better for themselves and their children.

Remember, The United States Congress had A high ranking officer of the Federal reserve under oath, and this officer stated that there has been no gold in Fort Knox since 1933. With that being said, The United States Dollar, or rather the Federal reserve Note has absolutely, positively No value.

We need to keep this currency out of their hands and make sure that we have complete control, because in closing, WE THE PEOPLE are the true masters and the TRUE People that control the economy.

Monday, January 22, 2018


In the effort to keep Crypto-Currency Decentralized, it is important to open up markets where other crypto users, other than Bitcoin, can purchase goods and services. In an effort to help this move along, I have an E-Book which will be instantly downloaded once the currency is sent.

At this time, the sites that are up and running accept DASH, Bitcoin-Cash, and Potcoin. I am working on sites that will include Reddcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin next to be accepted. The Market place is one of the key elements to help secure this currency, and technology to be completely decentralized in the common place.

When the people are free to purchase goods and services with any crypto currency, there can be no call for centralization of the market place or the coin. The fact is, there is no coin better than the other. For one, all crypto currency coins all have a specific algorithm, all coins are backed by one-hundred percent math, and finally, all coins have a specific value.

Innovation is now the key. For example you can be an artist and draw pictures that you wish to sell. You no longer have to reach out to a third party that will rake you over the coals and take a large percentage. Now you can upload that photo and sell it for any crypto currency as an instant download. No need to worry about anything else. Your artwork is appreciated and now you have multiple markets to sell it from.

Another example would be if you have a band, and have written your own material, you can now have your entire album available for download for any crypto currency on the market. The ideas are endless. Remember this, “If necessity is the Mother of Invention, then Creativity is the Father.”

Please be the ones to use creativity to your full potential to better the market place and secure true freedom and prosperity by keeping Crypto-Currency Decentralized.

Please support these efforts.

You can patronize any of our market places:


E-Book to show mining strategy and prove profitability

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Crypto for Change

While many have not really understood the significance of Cryptocurrency and the Block-Chain, There are a select few that truly discovered the right way to do this. If you are constantly investing and exchanging, you are only doing the exact same thing that has almost destroyed our economic world.

The correct way is to mine any coin and use it. This way you have self-Ownership and constantly support markets in that same currency. The next thing to do is to start opening services for other Crypto currencies so that there will never be any centralization of the currency. In order to start the trend of doing this the right way, we are in the process of selling an E-Book for other currencies other than Bitcoin. The total amount in USD would be $2.50. It is not the price, nor is it the profit. It is the fact to make multiple markets into other currencies to stop any and all attempts for centralization.

As of today I have two markets/Services available. If you choose to pay in DASH 100% of the sale goes to ST. Jude. As of right now there is only one more market should you choose to pay in Bitcoin Cash you can purchase the E-Book as well. More markets are coming.

Now you have the solution, mine your own currency the E-Book shows you it is profitable, and make a market. This way we will take full charge of this technology.

FOR DASH Purchases (For St. Jude) :

For Bitcoin Cash Purchases:

More Markets still to come.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Time to use The Block-Chain and Cryptocurrency for what it was meant to be

 With the ability to mine the right way you are able to free up your time so that you could actually utilize cryptocurrency and the Block-Chain Technology to help make a difference and lead by example in order for you to start being the real change that you wish to see in the world today.

All sales of the E-Book on this DASH currency page is 100% donated to ST. Jude. If people would stop using the exchanges, start mining the right way, and start learning to understand the full cabability of this technology we can solve the world's problems.

You can see the DASH fund-raising for ST. Jude site here:

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bitcoin, The Block-Chain Technology, Cryptocurrency Solves problems our Financial system fails to do

The world Financial Community, as well as Legislators have failed this Nation and thus the World on many factors. For one the control of the Federal Reserve Note has been a continuing problems in the world preventing the Creation of a stronger economy. With the restrictions placed on hourly wages, and no caps on the cost of living the Financial sector has been the cause of all of the financial crisis our Nation and the world has ever seen. People cannot get ahead because the Legislators, especially that of New York, has been taking kickbacks, and campaign contributions to further keep the control and enforcement of financial institutions that have nearly bankrupted our nation and the world.

The system has failed in another most important aspect of just basic human development. That major factor is self-responsibility. If you ask any Legislator if they can teach the tools to have people become self responsible, could they get that across for a good majority to be self responsible in ninety days? All would answer no, which would continue the spiral decline of the economy because they fail to fully understand the capabilities of the Block-Chain technology and Bitcoin in itself.

With the innovation of the Block-Chain, miners are automatically forced to be self responsible. For example If you have two-hundred dollars in Bitcoin, and you send one-hundred dollars in bitcoin to your brother, that transaction needs to be confirmed by a miner. Each transaction needs consensus and confirmations. There are a certain number of these transactions in a block. Each block, depending on the coin is received in a certain number of minutes. The miners are rewarded a certain number of coins based on the amount of work they are providing. This is basic knowledge, but where the self responsibility comes in, is a miner now needs to know what income he or she is gathering from that coin, so that miner now must decide upon what other coins have a good transaction network, which in turn would give the miner a good reward for the work he or she is providing to the network.

With this self responsibility, and understanding that the person alone is responsible for his or her reward, then they can now fully be a major contributor to the economy. This is mainly due to the fact that a miner can never be laid off, nor can a miner be fired. A miner can never loose their employment which means the money will always be there, regardless of the price drop or rise.

This brings me to the most important factor of what most do not understand. Bitcoin Is decentralized, and will always be Deregulated. The fact for this is YOU ARE NOT TO TRUST THIRD PARTIES EVER! You are not really suppose to give your currency to an exchange. You are not to put it in a bank. You are the bank and should have complete control over your currency, and be able to exchange them securely, and safely from your own mobile device or computer. The actual thought to have this technology follow the same rules of those that have caused every major financial disaster is not only insane it is irresponsible.

Most uneducated people always argue that Bitcoin could be used for terrorism. How ignorant are they? Do they not realize that all terrorism has been fully funded by the Federal Reserve Note? Here is the answer get rid of the Federal reserve note, so there can no longer be under the table payments, and keep a digital currency so there is an open source public ledger of all transactions. Do not tell me these stories that you can not see the forest past the trees.

The only true way of self prosperity is digital currency. You are responsible for yourself. Think of it in this way. You go apply for a job. The job is offered and the manager tells you that your position pays $9.50 per hour. You jump at it, why because you need the job. So the first two weeks go by, then a month, and now you are complaining you do not have enough money to pay the bills. You knew the what they paid when you took it, why on earth would you think that you would have money when you cannot even live on that wage? How ignorant are you? Then you foolishly blame your employer for your troubles when it was you that took the job because you did not stop to figure out what your expenses were and what you needed to make to live comfortable. Why did you take that position in the first place?

I offer facts, not opinion. Digital Currency upon the Block-Chain technology is truly the only source that can be trusted, providing you are not using third parties, to fully strengthen our Nation’s economy and the World Economy.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Unfortunately, in today’s society, there are many people who still suffer from the delusion that the United States Dollar actually has any real value. Even in an open investigation conducted by the US Congress, A Federal Reserve Official has under oath stated that there has been no actual Gold in Fort Knox Since 1933. The mere illusion that the Dollar is backed by Gold is a bold face lie. Therefore, The Dollar has no Real value.

Bitcoin, as well as all cryptocurrency is backed by actual mathematics. Math is the only thing that has been able to keep an honest check and balance of a ledger. Math is the only real value that actually provides a high degree of Accountability when transfers are made.

This video was submitted by Anonymous Global, You will find this very informative, and now you can get a real insight to the most important technology that has been invented to provide stability to the world and actually provide human prosperity.

Bankers and Wall street, as well as the SO-Called experts still being liars when it comes to bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

These individuals are, in plain English, Liars, and crooks. ALL bankers and So-called experts always have an alternative motive to even trying to fight cryptocurrency, that can not be stopped. First let us take again, the reasons why Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies cannot ever be a bubble.

Again I am forced to educate the simple people of what two factors MUST be present to be a bubble. Here we go again for all fake media, fake experts, and crooks of the banking world.

In order to be a bubble there must be a Physical Asset. That Physical Asset Can not be owned by all people on the planet. Now Bitcoin and all cryptocurrency are NOT a physical asset, and everyone all over the world can have them. WITHOUT INVESTING. So with that being said, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency CAN not now, nor ever be a bubble, because they are NOT PHYSICAL ASSETS AND EVERYONE CAN OWN IT.

Video Below explains just merely a fraction.
With all the lies and deception, it clearly shows that Bankers are so desperate to keep stealing from the people that they will lie, swindle, and continue to be the most disgusting individuals on the planet. My advice to all you new people, Mine your own cryptocurrency, learn the math, which math is perfect people are not, and learn how to secure your own wallet allowing you to be your own bank and financially free. This new financial freedom comes with self responsibility, you need to be able to give back to your community in order to continue to improving the economy, and the people. This will strengthen and secure prosperity that is A MUST to all PEOPLE.

Bankers and Wall street individuals ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR MONEY. Ignore them, laugh at them, and ridicule them. They are not as smart as they are greedy.
Bitcoin, cryptocurrency is going nowhere. It is the only technology that will be the heart of creating a financially secure world for all.