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Saturday, May 16, 2015

BITCOIN the Currency of the future

 do not know why most people listen to the trolls, the people that fail to make decent pay with bitcoin it is possible through good faucets, due to the fact there are so many alternative coins now it is so easy to get good substantial coin, and mining with 6 computers.

Anyway I am leaving the best faucets up that you can do hourly and every time they are cooled down between 1 minute and 15 all nice and neat in this faucet roatator that keeps track. i have added a few extra faucets to the rotator and I am doing very well infact I do faucets full time

Here is the faucets that can earn you good

First go to this one and sign up use the rotator this faucet rotator pays you directly weekly and it also includes the alien faucet and weekend bitcoins

The High paying games

I have also added these faucets to my rotator so I can do them every time they become available so i do not have to keep checking a clock








The reason for the last 4 are they are faucets that pay great satoshi and well every hour which makes the faucetbox cashout possible faster. MUCH FASTER!!!!

Then Every Hour I just go to one site and do all of the Alt Coins on this site hourly


You will see a good difference at the end of the week or actually Monday of the next week as compared when those haters of bitcoin were trying to regulate the currency making it almost impossible to earn, I mean come on 1 satoshi or 50 per visit that is a joke, that is why the masses will make sure that this currency is the currency of tomorrow UNCONTROLLED, DEREGULATED so it can be freely earned easily, which if you think about it makes you responsinble for you.

You are responsible for your needs and You become your own bank without the control crooks. If you do not know by now you better learn the currency and how to earn it well through faucets and computer mining.

I will show you another article next week on how i multiply those exchange coins without scams or useing an exchange service to invest, in fact it is only investing into something that you should already have.