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Monday, September 19, 2016



First we have already covered mining on this educational blog. This is the most important part of any cryptocurrency and it is also your main source of an income. We have already discussed the main rule,”Less is more”. If you think about it Logically, the less value the coin has the more you will get per block and the less time it takes to block.

The Don'ts

Please do not fall for scams or ponzis. These are sites that because the owner of the site is a complete retard and would not know a miner if it was dropped on his balls, he decides to rely on the gullible and people that are searching for other income producing sites. Thye reason they do this is because

  1. They are hopelessly retarded. Unfortunately they have no computer or electronic skills to set up a miner, which really is not that hard a 5 year old can do it here in the states.
  2. They have failed math and cannot use a currency that is backed by Pure mathematics.

Here is a website listing a very large list of do not give these retarded people anything sites. If they can not do math make them take the time and go to a library to learn it.



Minerfarm.com is a legitimate source on a virtual miner. I have been paid regularly but I will show you what to look for so you do not make my mistakes and are able to avoid headaches from retarded scammer weebles.

First the mining income you receive is based on real life as comparing it to an Antminer S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S7, or S9. This shows strategic mathematic protocol that is used in real life if you bought the miners themselves.

 Second you can see how they effectively charge for electricity, giving them a source of income regularly, to pay for electricity. Also you have to use their own pools which they charge a pool fee. You can also create your own pool for a monthly fee. The picture below shows my payments every month. Now multiply that by how many miners. This person is making a living. If he would pack up and run away, this person would be cutting off his nose despite his face because there will be no more income. Also the picture below that shows how much a month you will pay to open your own pool.

Just by seeing all the money that comes in, you can get a pretty good idea that this site will stay. Please remember, all virtual mining sites will only be as good as the person running it, and can only stay legitimate so long as that same person is running it, and that person has the health to keep running it. No site will last forever.


Yes you can invest in yourself, by opening up a cryptocurrency wallet that stakes, so you gain interest. You can earn by mining, faucets, and even opening up a booth at a local swap-meet and downloading a POS app for your tablet or phone where you can sell things for Bitcoin. You can open up a website and get paid through the Internet to earn Bitcoins. Take some self responsibility and start relying on the only person you can trust......YOURSELF