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Monday, July 31, 2017


This article is a call for some real input. Faucets are needed to help the new people learn this currency, if there are so many scams it defeats this purpose.

At the beginning of the Bitcoin days, Moonbitcoin, as well as it's partners, moonlitecoin, and moondogecoin, were the best start to get this currency.

Now it is a complete scam using only coinpot that does not pay. This coin pot site needs to be shut down it is a disgrace to the crypto universe. Here is how They are scamming you now. They force you to register at coinpot and then you use the faucet like normal. When you reach the minimum, which for XAPO is 0.00000100 you can withdraw. I had 0.00015000 and requested a withdraw, it never got there, I then wrote an email to the support, however that email was a fraud, so I emailed moonbitcoin. They sent back an excuse that the hardfork is casing delayed payments, which is false, but ok the hardfork is August 1, not two weeks ago. So this week I converted all coins to Dogecoin and requested a withdraw to my Dogecoin wallet, which was 103 doge over the minimum, NO deposit.

Now I mine I know the ropes, but as I stated Faucets are needed to help those earn and learn in order to keep this currency growing. At this article if Moonbitcoin, Moonlitecoin, and Moondoge does not get rid of Coinpot they need to be shut down.

As of 2017 the only faucets I use to get a little extra are only linked to faucethub.io. I will not even use Faucets that state they pay to Faucethub.io Because Faucethub.io gets rid of all NON-Paying faucets ASAP.

Please get this out it is important to keep the newbies learning, and Destroy all scam sites on target

Friday, July 28, 2017


This blog is to answer those questions of How do you get fiat currency into the bitcoin market if banks decline deposits. Simple, 1. You are the bank, they are not needed. 2. There are a few ways they have no choice.

Let us explore the two I have always used. First I have not owned a bank account for 20 years because I knew they were crooked and untrustworthy. I do not agree when a savings account can charge you an inactivity fee when it is a savings account. IT IS SUPPOSE TO JUST SIT THERE AND GAIN INTEREST. A savings account should hardly ever be used.

BTM MACHINES- Bitcoin Telling Machines (BTM) are one of the best way to get fiat (fake currency) into the Crypto market. You can use a BTM to buy/ or sell Bitcoins. In this case we are going to learn how to buy Bitcoins so you can get the fiat into that market to start. Watch the below video in order to understand how to use the BTM.

PRE-PAID DEBIT CARDS- One of the ways that I have used was, when I was working, to use a pre-paid debit card. This is not really connected to a bank, they only have a bank that acts like a go between, but even every bank that is affiliated with the pre-paid debit cards will tell you they have nothing to do with the actual card. Your money can be placed onto the card by, direct deposit, or through a retail outlet. In one case the America Express Serve Card you can walk into any walmart and put money onto the card at the cashier.

If you use some common sense, you can see there is no need for a bank, or a frinancial institution, to accept the payment. The fiat (Fake Currency) can be placed into the crypto market at any time through one of these two ways. There are many sites that you can buy bitcoin with a debit card or credit card. I prefer the BTM it is safe secure, and your coins hit your wallet almost instantly.

I hope this article helps you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This Week In Cryptocurrency

This week will mark a historic rise in some areas. There are things in motion that will bring more people to the crypto-currency way of life which will increase values on a lot of coins. To put it in perspective, the secret is NOT HASH POWER in this game.

Let us take a person we all know, Ted Turner. Ted Turner did not make his fortune on One income, Which is the mistake ALL who mine one coin with major hash power is doing. Ted Turner owns or owned at one time, WCW Wrestling, TBS, TNT, The Atlanta Braves, ETC... You see where I am going. Since he owned more than ONE he gained multiple income which is how a fortune is made.

This should be obvious now Why I promote Antminer S-3 Instead of the Antminer S-9. Too many pools kick off the Antminer S-7 through S-9 that is why I will not use them.

You need to have a potcoin wallet, or a good staking wallet for what I am about to put out to you. Antminer-S3 are SUPER for Multi-Algorithym pools because they provide your weekly spending cash that does not interfere with the other miners. Because the other miners are untouched till you need to pay bills.

The best setup is this A Potcoin Wallet, Two Antminer S-3, One- Antminer S-5, One Antminer S-7 with inline power (2TH), and An X11 Miner. The X11 Miner will probably make the majority of the income on it's own depending on your pool you picked. The Antminer S3's should be used to mine pools that pay you in the coin you want to be paid in, The Antminer S-5 and S-7 can be used in a way to gain advantages such as mining solo mining with a pool advantage. Yes there are sites now that allow you to solo mine with the same benefits of pool mining. Usually the Antminer S-7 will mine faster and you can take your earnings at the end of the week and exchange them for potcoin to start staking or getting interest. Remember this can be done with any staking wallet I use potcoin because it stakes regularly.

You are going to want to exchange for other coins, especially those alternative coins that are 0.01 Cents to about 0.20 Cents. This is mainly because after Friday there will be rate increases and you will benefit from.

I hope this helps you. This is going to happen so for those that want to understand how to make good do this.