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Friday, July 8, 2016

Bitcoin Mining Facts

 First Watch the Video On Bitcoin Mining, then understand this is math. After the Video I will Explain How I make a living by mining with antminers, and Not believing any of the blogs and forums because all they did was prove wrong.

Now that You understand the peer to peer mining Let me tell you how Mining with the Antminer really works. As I have stated i have been mining with the Antminer S3, and Ignoring the blogs and forums because they do not apply at all. I live in a place where Electricity is included, so my electric and all Utilities is $0.00. Now I am free to mine as much as I want 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year at one low price.

Now the Antminer S3 can be placed on Load balance or Balance, depending how you want to mine. For the record IT MAKES NO SENSE TO MINE 1 POOL when you have all this power that you can divide and multiply the income X3.
I say now and for the record No One would mine one pool it will never ever reap you benefits.

I have three pools listed in the minier configuration tab of the Antminer. the goal for me was 6 antminer S3 and in order to prepare for the upcoming difficulty I will invest in 2 Antminer S5 and 1 S7. This way I have the benefit of being ready as the difficulty rises..

Now I am not mining Bitcoin, the reason Bitcoin goes up is the massive amount I buy at the end of each week. The object is to find the right pool that you can mine SHA256 Algorithm on that will reap you the most coins in a 7 day period. For example you set your Antminers S3 all of them on a certain pool where you get paid in Digibytes(DGB) at the end of the week you have 1,250,000 DGB multiply that by 2 for the two week pay and that is 1.5 BTC(Almost $900.00) for the 2 weeks. That is more than some people make working Period.

Thats just one coin, You can mine Peercoin, or Digitalcoin, or any other two coins that you want. The easier it is to get the more you make. Difficulty is the game. Forget the price of the coin, because Less is more.

As I have stated my rent is a little over 675 per Month. That is plenty. I am so sick and tired of these so-called BITCOIN WISDOM people that actually have none. I live on it easy, so can you. This is math, the only blogs I should be reading is those that are living free from this currency, Because If i see one more fraud blog as I call them it only shows that THEY CANNOT DO IT, because they lack common math skills.

Moral of this story, Trust no one but yourself. If you can add you can make this work.

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