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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bitcoin Consultant-Gamer issues challenge

I have said before that Bitcoin in it of itself is truly the gamers currency. What is a Gamer? Well it is a person that is competitive by nature to beat a higher score than he or she has. The true gamers actually compete against themselves and always strive to better their game.

First we have to define the difference between a faucet and an App

A faucet is a website that gives you a very small amount of partial coins every so many minutes. The reason for this is that the advertisers are not paying that much or the faucet owner has no general concept of advertising spots. Also the website is open to attacks and hackers stealing the coins.

A typical faucet is pictured below.


An App is a free download that you can get for your Android or mobile device from the app store. WOW! Imagine that free money. Okay, so why is it better? For one thing, the adds are paid on multiples, which means more revenue to give away. Second, the game is stored on your personal mobile device which means that it can not easily be found or hacked, as a web page can. Finally, there is not as many restrictions.

Money never starts an idea, it is always the idea that starts the money.”-Owen Laughlin

Now here is the challenge, Download this free app and start to understand that even though it is real currency, look at it as a score. Be the gamer and beat me if you can.

Download BITCOIN ALIENS The kill aliens tab you can do unlimited. Think of it as a game with a new mission bonus round every 3 hours. Get the app and try to beat me. They say a real gamer will never back down from a challenge. That is also true for a real man, or a real woman. I have issued the challenge. Look at it as a score.

***NOTE*** remember to open up an XAPO, bitcoin wallet for free and click the MY ADDRESS tab to put in your address so you can get paid. GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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