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Monday, March 27, 2017

Cryptocurrency Mining 200

We have already explained in past articles that the way to mine was to only add up satoshi I will go through this and mind you I have 1 more bitcoin being mined as well, however that photo was too large so I just used the Litecoin photo.

 Let us start with those pools that we can mine with the Antminer S3 on Load Balance first.. As you can see by the below picture, I have outlined 3 pools that I mine and you will not that on the Inferno pool I have a Litecoin address. This is because it is a multi algo pool that has great hash power as is, and I am requesting that I be paid in Litecoin. The other two pools are bitcoin.

 Now let us go to the other two pools. I am mining Bitcoin, one pool I can not show but you can see another pool I can show. I used to mine P2pools, but it seems that the payouts are too long between. Remember I said you will have to find out which pools work for you.

Just from these pictures alone you can see that the adding of Satoshi is a lot faster than if you are just plugging along mining one pool. Now let us show you the pools I am mining Litecoin on with my GPU. Remember the GPU is the assist.

So the math formula I am following is broken down like this I am mining three addresses of Litecoin and 2 bitcoin. Let us not count the 2 Cloud mining sites. Just let us count these. I have 1 staking wallet that I gain interest and when the coins reach a certain amount I trade to potcoin usually once or twice a week. And I made it easy for myself because 1 of the bitcoin pools mines directly to my electrum wallet which I get paid out every other day or so which gives me a little petty cash to spend if I need it. So the formula is

coins=5, 1 staking wallet 30 days coins times the number of days added to the interest or stake times the number of days.

    1. *30 + (I * 30)
It is easy as heck once you understand the dollar and all fiat currency is FAKE and a lie. The only thing that matters is math since bitcoin is backed by math.

In conclusion please remember this, Math is perfect, people are not.


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