Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Gamers Currency Part II

          I know I have said this before when the was legitimate, as well as the bitfactory. The truth of the matter is, their formula worked. Let us think back to what it was, if you invest in yourself you will see a great return.

       OK so now with that being said, Let us forget any site that offers it easy, and think logically. This currency IS the currency of the future. With that you must know at lest some math. Let us go to the game Warcraft Once again, remember the peons going back and fourth from the gold mines to the town hall which gave you the gold you needed to expand and upgrade your armor? Well here is what you should have done when the ore-mine went rouge, You should have got yourself an Antminer as your gold mine. Now there are several versions and upgrades in mining bitcoin or any other Alt coin, but I prefer the S3 because I am able to use it well and I have a pattern I follow that has worked for me.  First let us go over the basics.

The Antminer S3 is 330 Watt power output that has worked between 450-600 Gh/s for me on two pools. The power supply I am using is a 600 Watt power supply which is almost double the output of the actual Antminer. I know a youtube video was brought up that the S3 does not work with a 600 watt power supply, but that is false. By basic math you learned in the 4th grade you should know that. Look at this formula:  330<600. 330 watts is less than 600 watts, so a 600 watt power supply is perfect fr it. The above picture shows that the Antminer is connected by 2 PCI-e inserts, as well as the power supply is connected to the mother board. ( I actually usually have it all packed up in the computer but it was easier to show the assembly.)

There is a setup proceedure to put in the pool and port as well as your address of the coin you are mining, if you are selling Hashpower you can get paid in Litecoin, Dashcoin, Bitcoin, as well as a few others. I run two pools on balance, which mines two pools simultaneously.

             The moral of this is to not trust a person, but trust in yourself. Bitcoin in itself is the freedom of the people to make their own currency, as well as to learn this system to see every application that bitcoin can provide for what they want. Life is about living, not about being slaves. Learn this, accept it, and embrace it. The more you know, the more you do, the more you will receive.

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