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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crypto Currency The Road to freedom

I have been in the CryptoCurrency aspect of life for almost 3 years now. I have not let the skeptics sway my decision to get into this field. The reason is the open source code shows that this currency, free from the crooked Central Banks Works so much better, and yet being backed by raw mathematics, allows this currency to be perfect. Sure there will always be those that have no brains and want to do bad, but that is not the majority, that is actually the minority.

If you think about it, the US Dollar has bought more drugs than the crypto currency would ever be able to keep up with. So let us look at this from a logical perspective


Crypto Currency in itself is not governed or controlled by any central bank or government entity.

Crypto Currency is inflation proof. The program software already has the limit of each specific coin. Bitcoin being the standard is the central point and acts as Networking gold.

In the event of an economic crisis that the Central banks cause, crypto currency users become officially immune and can continue to purchase day to day items strengthening the economy.

So how is crypto coins produced?

Crypto currency, such as Bitcoin, is produced by a process called mining. Mining is the process where the miner actually does three things.

1. The Computer or miner is used to solve very highly sophisticated mathematical computations producing what is called hash power.
2. It is this Hashpower that in turns secures the network also providing security to the network.
3. And finally, each miner verifies transactions that are made on the network which keeps the record on an open source ledger known as the blockchain. In reality this means every miner keeps the books which prevents a lot of headaches. This is how they earn amounts of coins which then brings new coins into circulation.

If you really think about it, if all were smart the central banks would be illegal because they can manipulate books, records, and documents which would benefit them. The Blockchain PREVENTS such tampering allowing this to be the true peoples money to flourish the economy.

OK I would love to be involved but my computer is terrible.

There are so many sites now where you can mine crypto currency on the network. This is called cloud mining. Most intelligent people in the mining game, at least here, live in places where electricity is included. This allows the most productive and profitable mining resource. If you are not in that category there are a number of sites that you can start for free. And you will never have to pay phony us dollars to upgrade to make more money. Let us look at one site TOPMINE
This is a site that you can choose which currency you want to mine. If you choose to invest the investment is done different. You exchange the coins you want to invest to Tera X or hashpower coins this will increase the speed of your mining. The More tera X coins you have the faster your currency will mine. Obviously the faster your currency mines the more you will make.

The crypto currency world is suppose to be eager to help all to achieve financial freedom so life can be about living. There are some that do not. I for one do not use wallets that do not support what crypto currency is suppose to be. I do not support Coin Base or a few others. I do however support Electrum, and XAPO bitcoin wallets.

I hope this gives you an understanding that just because you may own a computer from 1984 does not mean you can not earn. Join the real peaceful revolution, get on board to be able to not only live life the way it was meant to be, but get on board to make a difference in strengthening our economy.

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