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Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Cryptocurrency surpassed the test.

Remember back not to long ago when nerdbux, and neobux were thought to be the money. They really were not even close. The purpose of making money on the Internet was to get a weekly pay, not a pay that will come if I spend hours upon hours for half a penny.

What Bitcoin has done was to allow the miners to collect a weekly paycheck while using the faucets for a daily assist to their earnings. Neobux could never come close to this. The very reason why it was so difficult to earn money online was because you were still focused on the same currency controlled by the elites and the central bankers. This was like trying to play a chess game against them and they only gave you two pawns to use against all their pieces. There is no logical way the average man can win.

Cryptocurrency changes the game and levels the playing field, now we have all the pieces on the chess board as well, which if you think about it, gives you the fair ability to make a life that you did not have before. This was mainly because they control the printing of money and not to mention how much they paid themselves during every financial crisis. Believe me they ate fine while the majority of Americans as well as people around the world struggled.

Miners, which are the people, determine the value of the coin by mining it and using it. This is truly the main reason why BITCOIN is the people's money. We are in control. Miners work and it is through the computer work they earn.

The main reason for this article was to show you the difference of every pay to click bogus site of the past as compared to real currency that we have the control. It is a big difference. Want to help keep the knowledge flowing? Would you like to take back our education and free us from MONSNTO the jerk, donate to the cause. We are in the midst of decentralizing education to free the minds, but as you can imagine im on an upward battle but I will not give up. Hey im a Taurus im bull headed when I see something that needs to be accomplished.

If you want to donate go to the about me page and you can donate cryptocurrency and put what you are donating for. There is openings for suggestions to.

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