Friday, May 27, 2016

Fixing a problem of a pool mining the wrong coin

This post is going to cover an email I received concerning the fact that a fiend of mine entered his doge coin address in a pool and when he checked the particular site, for some strange reason it was mining unbreakable coin.

Let us remember that this in retrospect is program able money. With that being said  let us go through the steps with bfgminer. This works on most other mining programs. When you start bfgminer you will enter the url for the pool. Then, if you are mining dogecoin for example, you enter your dogecoin address. After you hit enter again it will show password, there is usually no password for p2pools or most hashpower selling sies, so just type the following:

px c=doge

This will prompt the pool that the coin being mined or paid is dogecoin.

I hope this was useful

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