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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Crypto Mining Guide English

    The first part of making a living on crypotocurrency mining is truly understanding the logical mathematics of the technology. You can not ever succeed in mining if you can not even understand the true technology that is bitcoin.

 Can tell me what the coin difficulty is?
Can you tell me the effective hashing to have?
Can you tell me what to look for when deciding what coin to mine? If you cannot answer those questions, then that alone is proof you do not truly understand the technology and how to get the full use of mining. We give you an understanding into how to set up specifics, but this is only the basics. You can mine a SHA256 Coin and turn around and mine a X11 coin. We show you the best way to get the true payout of work provided by EACH worker.

   We offer the Cryptocurrency Mining Guide in English. You can now get the true basics on how mining works, and what the basic knowledge is. What is Difficulty? How many Hashes in a Kilohash? What coin should I mine? The manual answers how to determine these very questions and understand difficulty and what mining is. Do not waste time doing the same thing every day. Time to opt out of the failing US dollar before you have no money to eat. Crypto currency is backed by MAth, the US Dollar is backed by NOTHING. Get the information.


Ofrecemos la Guía criptomoneda Minería Ahora en español. Ahora puede obtener los verdaderos conceptos básicos sobre cómo funciona la minería, y lo que el knowledg básica es. ¿Cuál es la dificultad? ¿Cuántos elementos hash en un Kilohash? Lo que la moneda debería mío? Las respuestas manuales para determinar cómo estas mismas preguntas y comprender la dificultad y lo que es la minería. No pierda el tiempo haciendo lo mismo todos los días. Tiempo de optar por la falta de dólar antes de tener dinero para comer. Crypto moneda está respaldada por las matemáticas, el dólar está respaldado por nada. Obtener la información.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mining Guide

    Now you can get some basic information that can help you understand Cryptocurrency Mining. I have tried to give you all some insight, and the truth be told you do not need 10,000 miners just to make it. This is all based on difficulty. The Guide is available in English, Spanish, and Russian for now. Other Languages are coming.

50% of all sales will be placed in a fund to help those less fortunate and get them miners so they can start earning for themselves. The cost of the guide by today's exchange rate would be the equivalent of $1.00.

You can only purchase it by bitcoin. The guide breaks down some basic fundamentals that you should know before mining. It is time to take control of an important aspect that sets us free. If you would like more information, or would like to get your guide go to


Let us make the difference, and be the change we want to see in the world today.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Most Productive way to mine.

A lot of speculation has been placed, but I am here to show you the correct most profitable way to use your mining resources. For the sake of this lesson, we will be using two Antminer S3 miners for this example.

It is ok to mine bitcoin for the sake of securing the network, however, it is not profitable if you wish to live off of this currency. So let us look for an alternative Crypto currency we can mine at SHA256 with the lowest difficulty. We will get into the lower difficulty in a another article.

This website gives you a listing of many Alternative Coins to mine along with the difficulty. The key is to look through the coins and find the one that can be mined with SHA256 Algorithm, so you can use the Antminer S3. When you look through the coins you need to look for 3 key pieces of information:

Algorithm Sha256
Mining Difficulty
14 Day trade Volume

Now that you have selected the coin you will need to set up your miner, find the best p2pool and get the information.


As I stated you want to get the maximum earnings for each miner. This means when you set up the workers, if you are using a p2pool then give each miner a different address to the same wallet. If you are using a pool that you had to register then use worker 1 for one and worker 2 for the other.

The main reason why you do this is for three reasons.

Getting the entire amount of hashing power. If you mine any pool with multiple miners, and you use the same address or worker the pool will average out the hasing power. Think about it like this:

1st Antminer is mining at 350 GH/s. The 2nd Antminer is mining at 425 GH/s this is what happens

350+425=775 now divided by 2 for 2 Antminers, 775/2=387. This means the amount of shares will be based on 387 GH/s. You do not wish to short change yourself.

The second main reason why you give each miner a different address or worker is for full potential of earnings. With the maximum amount of Hashing Power now distributed in the pool you will receive the maximum earning by way of each miner being paid for the work it is producing.

The third reason is for maintenance reasons. If one Antminer is giving you approximately 150 coins each hour, and the other one is giving you 53 coins every 2 hours, you know which miner to replace based on the address you assigned it.

Hopefully this helps you become a more profitable miner. Remember Mining is the most important and intricate part of Cryptocurrency.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Bitcoin Mining Facts

 First Watch the Video On Bitcoin Mining, then understand this is math. After the Video I will Explain How I make a living by mining with antminers, and Not believing any of the blogs and forums because all they did was prove wrong.

Now that You understand the peer to peer mining Let me tell you how Mining with the Antminer really works. As I have stated i have been mining with the Antminer S3, and Ignoring the blogs and forums because they do not apply at all. I live in a place where Electricity is included, so my electric and all Utilities is $0.00. Now I am free to mine as much as I want 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year at one low price.

Now the Antminer S3 can be placed on Load balance or Balance, depending how you want to mine. For the record IT MAKES NO SENSE TO MINE 1 POOL when you have all this power that you can divide and multiply the income X3.
I say now and for the record No One would mine one pool it will never ever reap you benefits.

I have three pools listed in the minier configuration tab of the Antminer. the goal for me was 6 antminer S3 and in order to prepare for the upcoming difficulty I will invest in 2 Antminer S5 and 1 S7. This way I have the benefit of being ready as the difficulty rises..

Now I am not mining Bitcoin, the reason Bitcoin goes up is the massive amount I buy at the end of each week. The object is to find the right pool that you can mine SHA256 Algorithm on that will reap you the most coins in a 7 day period. For example you set your Antminers S3 all of them on a certain pool where you get paid in Digibytes(DGB) at the end of the week you have 1,250,000 DGB multiply that by 2 for the two week pay and that is 1.5 BTC(Almost $900.00) for the 2 weeks. That is more than some people make working Period.

Thats just one coin, You can mine Peercoin, or Digitalcoin, or any other two coins that you want. The easier it is to get the more you make. Difficulty is the game. Forget the price of the coin, because Less is more.

As I have stated my rent is a little over 675 per Month. That is plenty. I am so sick and tired of these so-called BITCOIN WISDOM people that actually have none. I live on it easy, so can you. This is math, the only blogs I should be reading is those that are living free from this currency, Because If i see one more fraud blog as I call them it only shows that THEY CANNOT DO IT, because they lack common math skills.

Moral of this story, Trust no one but yourself. If you can add you can make this work.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Currency Revolution will set you free

In the midst of the central bankers collapsing our money, and the Federal Government are as crooked as they come, a dawn of a new era is here. The currency revolution is what will set you free. If you really truly love your family, if you truly believe in your heart that you deserve a better lifestyle, then you are right.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do on the old system, the US Dollar, you can never get ahead. This is mainly because the Federal Reserve controls the printing of the money. Theyt can at anytime seize your bank accounts, pensions, disability, and any other compensation you may have. If you think it can not happen, all you have to do is look at Greece. They stole these people's life savings.

The only way for prosperity is to adopt to free Internet peer to peer currency. This way you become the boss, you become free. If you truly want freedom, then may I suggest you learn it. This currency is the currency of the future. The US dollar is about gone. On a global scale the actual value of the dollar is $0.11. This reason is why many items are inflating in price over the years, because our dollar value is too low to meet global markets.

Time to stop being led astray by all the idiots that favor the Central Banks and start looking to your heart. Watch the video above, and then just ask your self one question, Are my family and I worth living free?