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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Crypto Mining Guide English

    The first part of making a living on crypotocurrency mining is truly understanding the logical mathematics of the technology. You can not ever succeed in mining if you can not even understand the true technology that is bitcoin.

 Can tell me what the coin difficulty is?
Can you tell me the effective hashing to have?
Can you tell me what to look for when deciding what coin to mine? If you cannot answer those questions, then that alone is proof you do not truly understand the technology and how to get the full use of mining. We give you an understanding into how to set up specifics, but this is only the basics. You can mine a SHA256 Coin and turn around and mine a X11 coin. We show you the best way to get the true payout of work provided by EACH worker.

   We offer the Cryptocurrency Mining Guide in English. You can now get the true basics on how mining works, and what the basic knowledge is. What is Difficulty? How many Hashes in a Kilohash? What coin should I mine? The manual answers how to determine these very questions and understand difficulty and what mining is. Do not waste time doing the same thing every day. Time to opt out of the failing US dollar before you have no money to eat. Crypto currency is backed by MAth, the US Dollar is backed by NOTHING. Get the information.


Ofrecemos la Guía criptomoneda Minería Ahora en español. Ahora puede obtener los verdaderos conceptos básicos sobre cómo funciona la minería, y lo que el knowledg básica es. ¿Cuál es la dificultad? ¿Cuántos elementos hash en un Kilohash? Lo que la moneda debería mío? Las respuestas manuales para determinar cómo estas mismas preguntas y comprender la dificultad y lo que es la minería. No pierda el tiempo haciendo lo mismo todos los días. Tiempo de optar por la falta de dólar antes de tener dinero para comer. Crypto moneda está respaldada por las matemáticas, el dólar está respaldado por nada. Obtener la información.


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