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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Start Taking Control of the Bitcoin Price

Stop letting Cyber Hackers and companies dictate the rise and fall in price of bitcoin. Do you truly understand that this is the people's money. Look all you have to do is get a bitcoin debit card. Trust me. There are many advantages.

    If the price decreases you do not get the lower price on your card. As well if the price increases you do not benefit. Think of it as a safe haven for your money. He4re is the link where you can read more.

Now to start taking control of the price you must first use bitcoin only to pay all your bills. This means transferring all crypto currency and USELESS paper money to bitcoin and immediately transferring to your prepaid Visa or Mastercard Boitcoin debit card.. Now your rent and bill money are safe from any decrease of price.

Think of it this way let us say just for this example that your rent is $900.00 a month. We will not do bills as of yet. So that is $900.00 a month that you will increase the price every month. If only 50 people do this that is increasing $45,000 every month. Trust me I have takin the price up on many coins and increased the market cap on several which makes the price rise easily.

Start taking control. We own this money we can control the price. Do not let the federal reserve cyber hacking fruits win. We have the ability to hike that price up so high they will never bring it down. It is through buying, even with other crypoto currencies, that we control the price.

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