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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stop Being Fooled

 Today there are many desperate scammers that are trying to have you voluntarily pay your bitcoins to them for nothing. There is no way in hell that the code is flawed to a point where they can get you free BITCOINS. In most cases, the scammer will place an add on faucets for free bitcoin and the site will look to you like it is mining, then one of two things happen,

1. Theyt ask you to pay a miners fee with a QR code (when we all know that the pool automatically takes the fee when you mine before they payout)

2. Or they do what the picture shows below.

In either case they get paid and you do not. Stop thinking that there is a flaw, there is no way to get any more than the work your miners provide. If you set up multi coins and trade to a staking wallet, you do exactly what is safe, RELY ON ONESELF.

The truth these predators only prey on the weak minded, so do not let them they will still pay for the advertisements on the faucets, and when people stop using their scams, they will run out of money and the site will be shut down, because they will no longer have the money to keep it up.

Rely on yourself is the best way to ensure your money stays in your pocket, do not be fooled by Idiots whio cannot do simple math to have the miners work


  1. Agreed. People need to do some research into existing or new platforms. And yes bitcoin will be the next best investment.

    Kind Regards

    1. You are right. Thanks for the insight. I would ask you pass the next article around Exchanges are important and they can not be flakes

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