Friday, January 13, 2017


 Now  before you go off and defend this exchange I will show you the difference between a faulty exchange and a good one. The Faulty Exchange in today's article is

 Now I have done some trading with them, but lately their support has been lacking, and their wallets for some reason are in maintenance for far too long. Another problem I have is even though the wallet says online the withdraw is temporarily off. This has all the red flags of a scam exchange.

Let me show you. The coin I stake is 1337, this is only one of my staking coins, but you will see for over a month the wallet has been unable to withdraw or even trade

Now if you look at the picture above you will see that this particualr coin has been in maintenance since December, but it is working fine on Cryptopia, as well as  POSWALLET.COM.

Here is the picture to show that this coin has no problem staking, so I beg to question why is it only YOBIT has this problem?

I use CRYPTOPIA due to the fact of many other abilities it has, for example, mining, marketplace, as well as others. This is a good sign of a well polished good exchange.

These are some signs as to which exchange to use. YOBIT has not passed the quality control check on a secure or even a reliable exchange, and for all Cryptocurrency earners, you should never reccomend an exchange like YOBIT that does not meet the same standrds as others.

I usually do not print a straight complaint without some evidence, so if the support kept a good communication this article may have been avoided, but I will post the images of the conversation, and you can see for yourself that one response to several questions is never enough. 

I hope This article helps those when choosing an exchange.


  1. Still to this day I have not been able to withdraw. Be very leary on where you send your currency because you are the bank, So do not let people just take you for a ride when you have control

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