Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Warning of Investment.

 I have been using this blog to educate all on how easy it is for crypto wealth. The truth is to mine and convert the coins to a staking coin to continous gather interest. It is investing in yourself without the problems of faulty sites that has the only goal of stealing your money.

Today we are going to expose another BAD BITCOIN site BITZ2U is a fraud manipulating site. The proof is a dollar worth of Satoshi was invested 40 days ago and it was left till it showed a return of $2.00 when the withdrawl of $2.00 was requested on Thursday, January 12, 2017 it was never paid.

This is how they steal. There are so many alternative coins to mine that you can be your own bank. Stop relying on these liars, any site that promises you a high return is a red flag. If you remember the mining article it told you how exactly the mining process works. There is no way to double, triple or even Quadruple any investment, because the protocol is on a mathematical program that is agreed by the entire network. IT CAN NOT BE ALTERED.

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