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Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to live on Bitcoin.

                      When it comes to mining Bitcoin, many people make the mistake of comparing Bitcoin to the currency. For example, in the United States most people that fail use the false Mining profitability calculator to how much money they will make every hour, every week, and every month. This information will never be right.

For one thing when you go to work and get a paycheck like the slave mentality teaches, do you deduct the gas you put in your vehicle, the rent you pay, the electricity bill you pay, the phone bill, the gas bill, the food bill, or any other expense that you have to calculate what profit you are making from all dead end jobs? The answer of that question is NO.

If you do not place it in your monthly expense for profitability on your job, then you can not do it in Bitcoin. The entire purpose is not to compare the Non value dollar to Bitcoin, but it is rather to add up Satoshi.

When you have certain mining hardware, you need to mine the coin that you can use to your own advantage. This means the fastest payout in order to exchange for a coin that stakes, or gives interest, in order to continue adding Satoshi to the coins you have already mined every hour.

The only people that claim Bitcoin is a scam, or a waste of time are the same people that will never be able to do simple math. That is right, Bitcoin, as well as all cryptocurrencies are backed up by 100% pure math. That alone makes it the best currency of the world. Math is perfect, people are not.

In this manual we will break down the mining strategy to its very basic form and show you what to do with the equipment you have and how to get the most out of it. After the coins are mined, you will see what to do with them by exchanging them fast and depositing them into a coin that adds hourly interest.

This is the correct way to live off of the Cryptocurrency world. Math is the formula, Math is right, it is the people that are always wrong, because people are imperfect, where Math is perfect.

If you are interested in Learning mining the right way, and if you cannot find the answer in this blog Email me at mrfluet@gmail.com with your question and I will send you the information. I have created this blog to help people learn this for free, and to show you that the one thing you never do is search information on Google or any other search engine. Calculators are made by people that have no knowledge of mathematical formulas. They only think of the money which is only the first application ti bitcoin. Bitcoin is a protocol, so it can not be compared, it has to be added.

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