Friday, February 17, 2017


 There are several "FAKE MEDIA" Outlets as well as some alternative media outlets, such as Alex Jones, that stated that the Globalists and the Central Bankers are trying to get you to use digital currency and force you to have bank accounts. That is a lie and false

Let us truly understand the Blockchain, since there are so many idiots just sputtering out garbage from their mouths. The Blockchain is a central open source public ledger that is not owned by anyone. That is right NO ONE OWNS THE BLOCKCHAIN and under all Regulations of the United States Code No one can regulate anything they do not own.

That destroys the first myth of they will force you to get a bank account and control the currency, NEWS FLASH, they cannot.

Ok let us look at the blockchain closely

Let us analyze this for all of those people that have no logic. The Blockchain will only show the receiving address. You can look at a Bitcoin Address like an account number, however your name or any other information is not attached to your wallet, in fact, there is no information that you need to even put into it to have a bitcoin wallet on your computer. Download electrum, they only give you a set of words that you have to write down in order to back up your wallet. There never is any data that you type into your wallet, it never asks for even your name. So this alone destroys the myth of these morons that they will track you, They cannot, because your sending address is different than your receiving address and just like the receiving address it changes every transaction.

Now that you have a little better understanding, you can see that this currency destroys the globalists because they cannot control it, they cannot regulate it, because as stated above NO ONE OWNS the Blockchain. With that being said it is truly the people's money and since the People are the economy, it is a fair and just way to make our economy thrive.

Governments, Businesses, Banks, nor corporations are the economy. Economists always lie because We the People are the economy. If people are earning, then people are spending. If peope are spending, then the currency is circulating. If the currency is circulating, then Obviously the economy is flourishing.

Bitcoin as all digital currency is the money, is the people's money and will bring our people to real freedom.


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