Friday, March 10, 2017

CONCLUSION of the BITMINER site Investigation

I have gathered enough data to close this investigation. The site Biytminer is a scam. Just like so many websites out there they try to lure you in to investing your free money so they can basically steal it. Listen to me You only have to set up miners, then from the amount that clears and is sent to your wallet get a stable P.O.S (Proof Of Stake) wallet where you can exchange the coins being mined to that coin to get interest and let it continue adding Satoshi for you automatically.

 The Old Thought patterns of investing are dead. You can finally be in full control of your future. Please take my advice and only rely on your self. The picture of the pending transactions that will never come are below. I did not invest and I would not invest MY Bitcoin. If anything I would invest their Bitcoin that they paid. If any site will not let you cash out free, or invest what you earned free they are not worth the time.

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