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Friday, March 10, 2017

The Elites are Failing—BITCOIN and all cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

What The Elites foolishly thought of as a joke, has quickly turned into one of the greatest weapons to start their downfall. The Global Elites have, for many years, controlled the U.S Dollar, causing Inflation and many other factors that have kept the American people spiraling downward to poverty.

The Federal Reserve Bank, which is a private Bank, and the Crooked I.R.S, that is not even a Government Agency, Collects the Tax Dollar for a private bank. This was the greatest theft in Human History.

Those Days Are over. As it was stated, This currency is Decentralized, which means, no One person or entity owns the Blockchain technology. Therefore, it cannot be stopped or regulated. The Government, nor banks, nor any other agency can regulate it. This is simply because they do not own it.

What is more Important, is that this makes the currency in the control of the people where they no longer have any power over the masses. If you remember back in November of 2015 the main man of J.P Morgan and Chase said that Bitcoin would be stopped. Now we can all laugh at them because not only is it still going, but it is thriving.

 What most of the common people are not thinking about is the mere fact that when you take the control of our money away from these idiots, then they have lost all power over the people. Welcome to the real world Elites, We are in charge now, have no illusion, we are in control. This is up to you. The truth of the matter is, One person cannot truly make a difference, however, it is true that one person can plant an idea that will take the world by storm and as a collective we all have the tremendous power to change the world we live in. Stop doing the old Paradigm and get on-board for the true Revolution of Humanity.

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