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Friday, March 24, 2017

Do Not believe the rumors

                     There is a lot of speculation on things that are going on with Bitcoin, I am here to tell you that no matter what things are not like they seem. First of all the cold hard truth is those individuals that seek regulation for bitcoin are criminals. Understand this all banks are criminals, they use regulation as a scapegoat because the banks themselves were laundering drug money. This currency can never be regulated, ever. The only regulations that can be done is against individuals doing crimes. My advice use it right, how hard is that?

The bitcoin unlimited group is out voted on all major exchanges, the truth it will be looked at as an Alt coin, now that is good because there will be no split, and the bitcoin unlimited will have it's own unique blockchain. I for one do not agree with them neither does a lot of programmers I know.

Second we must address china going to them. It is no secret that China is not the king of miners any more, India is taking that lead. All that needs to be done is more nodes, more mining and more markets in India and the top country will be India, there will be no notice of china gone. Look, China has one major flaw, they try to centralize everything, they backed their money by gold, did we not do that? Did not the elites steal the gold? It seems to me that China has not learned from history, and they are doomed to repeat history. In other words China will also fall prey to the elites stealing their gold

In order to assist people in understanding that there truly is no competition between coins, it is the same thing, only each coin brings the developers own spice to the table. I have submitted a solution that can prevent any attempt to centralize this currency again. Let us see what happens.

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