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Friday, March 24, 2017


I know I have said this before, but there are too many people that put all their trust in getting a powerful miner, wasting money, and if they are not smart enough to live in a place where All utilities are included they will never profit. To be frank, the LOGICAL STATEMENT IS, “ Never put all your eggs in one basket.”

I have never used the Antminer S3 to mine one coin, in fact I mine all three of my pools consecutively. Let me explain why.

First, every intelligent person in the game knows it is not about Dollars or any other fiat currency. Second, we all know it is only about adding up Satoshi (Bits, mBits) so there is only one way to get the most at a time.

The experiment and S7 running 24 hours a day, since it was built stupid and you can only mine one pool, mining Bitcoin only produced 0.00500000 every other day. I dont care what you say that is not adding satoshi,

I mined on a Multi algo pool with separate addresses to a lesser coin and got the equivelant of 0.00600000 daily. That is a fact because I was able to trade it to BTC and it showed I earned more. Why? Well it is simple there was more than one basket for one, and two the satoshi income was multiplied by 3. We are still not counting my 2 gpu systems and my 2 cloud mining sites. We are also not including my staking wallet.

 There are several Multi algo pools to choose from, you will have to find which one works for you. I mine a coin that has a lesser math difficulty and I do well. Do not listen to the hash power people they are wrong, the name of the game is add the satoshi only.


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  2. I take it then you have not seen this entire blog yet. I already do this and I wrote an article on mining the right way http://mycryptoinfo.blogspot.com/2017/12/mining-right-way.html

  3. I have been paid many times by Minergate, I use GPU miner for the assist and mining 5 coins. I have 2 cloud mining get paid regularly.

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