Saturday, March 18, 2017

Do Not Listen To False Information

There are certain fools telling you not to exchange your Bitcoins, but to hold onto them until 2020. That is the most illogical statement one could come up with. For 1 There are no guarantees that you will live until 2020. That being most important would be a way to ignore such nonsense. Secondly, The way Bitcoin keeps earning it's value is to mine and use them. Constantly trading for other Alt coins in the exchange is what keeps the trade value up. If you do some thinking you will see that only a fool would hold onto them. You need to mine and use them all the time.

If you have one Bitcoin and put it in a staking wallet it has more of a potential to double. If you set aside a staking wallet just for savings and place 1 bitcoin into it, guess what? By 2020 you may have enough interest that would land your 1 bitcoin to be 10 or more bitcoins. There is no logical reason for holding onto them. To keep the trade value up it must be exchanged everyday.

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  1. I do not think I have to remind anyone of what happened to Several Altcoins that were not traded. Many Altcoins died and crashed because trade volumes is what keeps the price steady