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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cryptocurrency Knowledge base.

             Today we are going to explore the fundamental flaw in people's thinking when it comes to living on cryptocurrency. What the frame of mind should be is when it is staking in the wallet your paid, and if you do not need it leave it in the wallet to keep gathering interest.

                 Let us think about how illogical it is to just place your bitcoin on your debit card every two weeks or every month,if you are lacking in pool mining. So you have your bitcoins on your card, they are not gathering interest, they are not working for you and you are in the same boat as if you were given a paycheck. This is the flaw with working. Not only has science proven that people that work an eight hour day is unhealthy, but the money is in your face and you spend it.

             Do you not remember the intelligent quote, “ The major reason why the middle class and poor struggle is they buy luxuries first, where the rich by needs first and luxuries last.”

            Now let us analyze the right strategy. After your coins that are mined are payed to your wallet, you need to determine which staking coin is a more stable coin with good stake. Then you trade your coins you have mined to that coin and send it to that wallet and let the coins stake.

                    What you need to do is always leave your coins in the wallet, and only withdraw what you need at a time, which will leave the rest to continue earning stake/interest. By doing this always you will see

that it is much easier to earn a good living, rather than the old way which forces you to basically exchange all your hard earn money to give it right back to the criminal bankers. You now have the opportunity to keep money in your Bank. The Bank of you. You are the Bank. You have control.

Now that you see you have control, why not use self-control and leave what you do not need in a staking wallet to earn interest. The stake is really better than a savings account, and you will never be charged an inactivity fee. Now is the time to understand this a little more. Time to really be in control. This was basic knowledge base, and now it is up to you to determine your life.

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