Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mining with a purpose

The one thing that I have done here is set up a do-it-yourself automatic depositing savings account.

 What I did first was to download the Tekcoin Wallet. I did this because Tekcoin is one of the currencies that has no limit on how many coins. Once I ran the wallet I let it sync up and after it was synced to the network I encrypted it,as well as unlocked it for staking only.

Once that main step was completed I ran my bfgminer program that I had set up to mine Tekcoin to my wallet using the address for that wallet.

Now coins are coming in automatically every so often, and when they get to a certain amount they will stake or add interest.

This will continue to deposit Tekcoin into my wallet and stake without me having to do anything at all. Think about it, I have a fully automatic depositing savings account.

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