Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Best way to use Faucets

  There are many questions of if you can use faucets to make a living with crypto currency. If you use them alone, then the answer is NO. There is a way that utilizes the faucets for what they are suppose to be used for and that is an assist.

 Everyone knows what an assist is, even those that have their nose stuck in a basketball game. Let us take a look on the best way to use the faucets to assist the income.

  Let us look at an example. Let us say you are using X11 to mine Dash (Digital Cash). This would tell you the faucets you will use an assist to gain more income to your mining. You will do the DASH faucets. The more DASH faucets you do the better the assist to the mining income you will receive. The same goes for any coin you are mining, you always use the faucets of the exact same coin you are mining to multiply the income.

 It clearly makes no sense to be mining DOGECOIN and do peercoin faucets. I am sorry but the peercoin will be sitting in a wallet and DOGECOIN in another wallet. If you exchange the peer then you have to pay fees and then when you send the dogecoin you have to pay fees, so knowing that there are fees, would it not make sense to do the one time fee trade instead of several?

Im not saying if you want to save coins like a savings account that you shouldn't do that. I am saying that for income purposes to live on you need to organize your mining with the faucets you are doing. Some sell their hashpower and get paid in Bitcoin, then do the bitcoin faucets to the exact same wallet.

The person that stated he only made enough to get beer at the end of the week, really had no understanding of math. Just because One person Fails, does not mean all will fail. The intelligent people already know how to make this work. There are several of us that are making this work.

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