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Thursday, January 26, 2017


 Dash or Digital Cash started as Dark-coin on an X11 Algorithm. The Coin Used to be $3.00 per 1 Dark-Coin. However things have changed. The Picture Below will show you the Current Value of DASH.

There is a Faucet you can accumulate free DASH or whichever Alternative Coin You like. The Network stores your earnings and pays you when you reach the minimum . It is a great spare time way to earn more free money

Remember the Faucets are to be an assist, but it never hurts to be able to get more free money. The truth is You are responsible for yourself, Why not make life about living?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Warning of Investment.

 I have been using this blog to educate all on how easy it is for crypto wealth. The truth is to mine and convert the coins to a staking coin to continous gather interest. It is investing in yourself without the problems of faulty sites that has the only goal of stealing your money.

Today we are going to expose another BAD BITCOIN site BITZ2U is a fraud manipulating site. The proof is a dollar worth of Satoshi was invested 40 days ago and it was left till it showed a return of $2.00 when the withdrawl of $2.00 was requested on Thursday, January 12, 2017 it was never paid.

This is how they steal. There are so many alternative coins to mine that you can be your own bank. Stop relying on these liars, any site that promises you a high return is a red flag. If you remember the mining article it told you how exactly the mining process works. There is no way to double, triple or even Quadruple any investment, because the protocol is on a mathematical program that is agreed by the entire network. IT CAN NOT BE ALTERED.

Read mining articles with Antminer to get more information 

Friday, January 13, 2017


 Now  before you go off and defend this exchange I will show you the difference between a faulty exchange and a good one. The Faulty Exchange in today's article is YOBIT.net.

 Now I have done some trading with them, but lately their support has been lacking, and their wallets for some reason are in maintenance for far too long. Another problem I have is even though the wallet says online the withdraw is temporarily off. This has all the red flags of a scam exchange.

Let me show you. The coin I stake is 1337, this is only one of my staking coins, but you will see for over a month the wallet has been unable to withdraw or even trade

Now if you look at the picture above you will see that this particualr coin has been in maintenance since December, but it is working fine on Cryptopia, as well as  POSWALLET.COM.

Here is the picture to show that this coin has no problem staking, so I beg to question why is it only YOBIT has this problem?

I use CRYPTOPIA due to the fact of many other abilities it has, for example, mining, marketplace, as well as others. This is a good sign of a well polished good exchange.

These are some signs as to which exchange to use. YOBIT has not passed the quality control check on a secure or even a reliable exchange, and for all Cryptocurrency earners, you should never reccomend an exchange like YOBIT that does not meet the same standrds as others.

I usually do not print a straight complaint without some evidence, so if the support kept a good communication this article may have been avoided, but I will post the images of the conversation, and you can see for yourself that one response to several questions is never enough. 

I hope This article helps those when choosing an exchange.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stop Being Fooled

 Today there are many desperate scammers that are trying to have you voluntarily pay your bitcoins to them for nothing. There is no way in hell that the code is flawed to a point where they can get you free BITCOINS. In most cases, the scammer will place an add on faucets for free bitcoin and the site will look to you like it is mining, then one of two things happen,

1. Theyt ask you to pay a miners fee with a QR code (when we all know that the pool automatically takes the fee when you mine before they payout)

2. Or they do what the picture shows below.

In either case they get paid and you do not. Stop thinking that there is a flaw, there is no way to get any more than the work your miners provide. If you set up multi coins and trade to a staking wallet, you do exactly what is safe, RELY ON ONESELF.

The truth these predators only prey on the weak minded, so do not let them they will still pay for the advertisements on the faucets, and when people stop using their scams, they will run out of money and the site will be shut down, because they will no longer have the money to keep it up.

Rely on yourself is the best way to ensure your money stays in your pocket, do not be fooled by Idiots whio cannot do simple math to have the miners work

Monday, January 2, 2017

Understanding the True Goal of Mining


We have already covered that Mining is the most intricate part of Cryptocurrency. The reason for this article is that most people miss the point of Bitcoin and all other mining. Let us cover the true basics in this article so you can stop listening to those that have no intelligence on the subject.


The real goal of mining is simple, it is only to add up Satoshi. FORGET THE VALUE. The United States Dollar has ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE. A Satoshi is the lowest amount of Bitcoin like a penny is to a dollar. Let us break this down 1 Bitcoin equals 100,000,000 Satoshis. The actual looks like this 0.00000001=1 Satoshi.

The object is to gather the fastest way to add them up. The main way is to use Staking and mining as one.


There are three pools that can be listed in the Antminer S3. You need to use all three pools set on the Load Balance setting. The key is to use pools that can pay to an exchange, for example a multi algo pool that you can choose the coins you want to be paid. Once the payments come in usually every 6 hours you use the exchange to trade them to a coin that stakes interest hourly. That may mean a pool stake. Once this gives you the amount you want transfer that into a staking wallet you have on your computer.

 You will then start over. Usually it is smart to get at least 12-15 different staking coins. I cannot believe on how many idiots there are in this world not to be able to figure out simple MATH. All cryptocurrency is backed by 100% MATH, which if you use your head, is perfect.

Just remember, mining coins that give you more satoshi and combining that with adding the interest n staking is the right way. Those that mine only ONE coin will not be able to get the full potential. 

Hashing Power can provide you a little more coin while mining bitcoin, but you are missing the point in general, Stop wasting time on the value and add up the Satoshi.