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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Investigation into Bitminer.io

  Too many times there are those morons that have no clue on what is a real scam and what is not. In some cases, they label things as a scam because it simply does not give them what they want, as what reality truly is. In the same fact there are those that say a site is legitimate, when it turns out it is not. I have been in a situation where a site was paying me regularly, and one day they went rouge.

Today I am launching an active, ongoing, and Thorough investigation into BITMINER.

Remember the disclaimer on any website that offers you services into bitcoin or any other of the currency. Sites that do not allow you to withdraw as a free member, weather it is a cloud mining or not are not worth the investment. Any site offering a free service with the option to upgrade must have a reputation of free member withdraws regularly in order to be a legitimate site. Finally No site can last forever depending on the integrity of the person or persons that are running the site. This is why you must be able to withdraw as a free member since the money is easy to earn free to begin with. Use discretion.

I have already signed up for a free account and I have reached the minimum amount to withdraw and have already made the request. I will continue to make two or three more as a free member totaling a certain number that I have previously determined. If all three or four withdraw requests come through with no problem I will then write an updated article on the results. Remember I will continue to monitor this site to show without any doubt if the site is a scam or legitimate. I myself have seen sites start off legitimate and then go rouge, so I would never rely on any one site, As I have always said, " Always rely on yourself, you are the only one you can trust."

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  1. I've upgraded to a 1.2 account it's a scam completely. they give you back part of the money then lock you out. Honey pot scam.

    http://www.ukbitcoinblog.com - I've built this site to help us track down the scammers from the good guys