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Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Cryptocurrency is More Logical


Let us look a little bit into what I mean By adding up the Satoshi. This is to give you a better picture of the terms and the methods behind how we succeed. If you remember from earlier posts, I have stated you need to trade up daily to a staking coin, this is known as the DROP.

Now let us look at when I do receive a block of Litecoin, or rather the bonus I do not put into my daily figure. At this time 1 LTC=0.00319 BTC

That is three-hundred-thousand Satoshi per Litecoin. When the Block Hits, usually within a week or so, I get 25 Litecoins that is 0.07975BTC, or 7 Million-9Hundred and Seventy-five Satoshi. Now you see with just the Block we have brought this into the Millions.

The daily Drops of three or Four coins are continuing to add up stake, or interest every day. This like anything else takes time and patience, but for all those that are not too bright, or maybe just a little slow, let us examine the slave mentality of working.

You go out to look for a job, you spend an entire day filling out applications, and when you arrive home there are no calls. You get up the next day, and you do the same thing filling out applications.

Let us say you continue this pattern and you get lucky. You receive a call from one of the places you filled out on the first day. You get called in for an interview. You wake up in the morning, putting your best foot forward, and you shower, shave, and wear a good professional business suit. You are ready for the interview.

You take the time to travel to the place and let the receptionist know you are here for an interview. You sit down carrying a folder or briefcase with what you think will be the proof you are suited for the job. Waiting patiently, you are nervous, you start thinking you have bills to pay, and you are praying you get the job.

The manager that will be interviewing you finally calls you in. Let us move to a point where you were lucky to pass the interview. You are offered the job but you have to wait. YES wait. The company will now perform a routine background check which could take up to a week if you are lucky. I have seen them take 2 weeks depending on how many applicants all across the state you live in are applying for different jobs at that time.

You get lucky the background check only took 1 week So they call you in for a drug test. You get in your car and go to the place where the company has the contract to do your drug test. Now you complete that and guess what You have to wait again for maybe 48 hours, or 2 days.

So far you have waited a week and now will be waiting for 2 more days. So let us say you pass everything and you start the job. They offer you $10.00 per hour, but there is one problem You are starting on the first day of the pay period. WOW another three weeks will go by until you have money.

Do you see where this is going. You are going to wait anyway, Then why the heck would you not wait for something that you control and not other people that may not like you because you may be smarter than them and they will eventually try to get rid of you because they are fearful of loosing their job.

Might as well wait and just be happy with life.

Patience is a virtue

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