Friday, February 24, 2017


I am going to say this because there are so many people that do not understand the best part of QUARK. The Best part of QUARK is it is an unlimited currency.

That means there are NO LIMIT. The video below describes quark, however times have changed. This coin can be mined in some pools with a GPU. Think of it, You can never mine all of the Quark which makes it stable so there are no reasons to give it up. Again as per the last post the point is to add up Satoshi.

Now that yo have seen what Quark is Let me show you where the other guys fail to comprehend. The term adding Satoshi means exactly that. I have My Antminers, that are the main source and the coins it mines does a daily drop every day. Second I have one GPU i am solo mining which I do eventually find a block and that amount is like a bonus to be added with the daily drop. I now mine Quark with another GPU system that every 24 Hours i send to an exchange to trade that coin to where it is now also with my wallet so when the daily drop hits I now have double the drop.

People do not think. Quark was the best idea because it was an unlimited Coin that will never run out. It is not the value, again it is the adding of the Satoshi as a constant. If you have one S9 and mine only bitcoin, you will NEVER catch up to those that mine double or even Quad coins at a time. 

4>1, in other words 4 is always greater than 1, no matter if the one is $1,000.00 or more in value. The difficulty prevents you from adding up coins as fast as those mining multiple. Here is some information on Quark

Here you can see the value of Quark, although it is not important. The only thing you need to concern yourself is the amount of Satoshi per coin.

On this frame you can see that the coin is HEALTHY, which means it is a stable coin

This final picture shows that the amount of coins that can be mined is endless. It specifically states NO LIMIT.

This is the perfect GPU or CPU assist coin. I personally would not mine this coin without a pool that does GPU, for the simple fact I make a daily drop and the CPU will never get into the MHs. The mere fact of the ability to mine this coin with a GPU has made it the Number 1 assist coin on the network. 

Many pools still only allow this coin to be mined with a cpu, so I found a few that do the GPU mine. This way I have the ability to fget more Satoshi to send every night.

Remember when it comes to any Crypto Coin, The only person you can trust is yourself. Nine times out of ten the people that slam coins or say they are a scam, or even that it does not work, are usually those that have no programming skills, or cannot grasp the fact that this is simple math and no coin should ever be compared to the fake dollar when mining. The goal is SATOSHI and SATOSHI alone

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