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Thursday, February 23, 2017


There are too many platforms available today, where you can make a good living on crypto currency. The truth is, you have to be smart about it. For so long, and even today, there are so many scammers on the Internet trying to get you to send them Bitcoin, and they will provide nothing to you. Some sites have the picture of Anonymous on them, when in actuality, The real Anonymous stands for freedom, and will not ask you to do anything, because they are not a personal army and they have plenty of their own.

In earlier posts I have stated that Bitcoin was the gamers currency. Let us truly break it down. In the game Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, you start off with one peasant. If you do all the mining and all the tree chopping with the one peasant, it will not only take forever, but you run the risk of the enemy finding you and destroying your entire base.

So the Goal was to train multiple peasants in order to mine more gold faster which provides the multiple streams of income for your base, and to chop down multiple resources of lumber which will allow you to build your base faster.

The same is true in crypto currency. You must find the best resources for the mining hardware you have. I use Antminer S3,s, because despite the morons out there, they are the only Miners I know of that have the ability to mine on multiple pools at the same time which doubles the Satoshi earnings.

Using a multi algo pool is the best bet for several reasons:

  1. The pool itself will automatically pick the most profitable coin at any given second.
  2. You do not have to mine Bitcoin with the difficulty, they usually allow you to be paid in
  3. Litecoin, or any other coin they support
  4. You can use Antminers and GPU cards to assist which delivers maximum efficiency.

 There are a few others, but you will have to discover them for yourself. You must understand, depending on your personal Hardware, Internet provider, and system You will have to use the most profitable for you.

Now let us go into what you need to do when your coins hit your wallet. I use my android because I can shape-shift to whatever coin I need to stake. Since some of the exchanges have decided to stop using Litecoin as a trading pair, I can use any coin as a trading pair, so long as the Shape-shift has that coin on it. In other words I can shape-shift Dash to Potcoin, Or Dash to Reddcoin, or even Litecoin to Reddcoin. It is all easy and I can send it directly to my staking wallet where I continue to add Satoshi in the staking process.

 If you remember, The goal is NEVER to compare to US Dollars, because the Dollar is Fake and has absolutely no value. You must understand the strategy of simply adding up Satoshi

This way the coins you mined will continue to add up Satoshi and it provides you with the steady income. Please remember, Each wallet that stakes is based on a percentage of the actual coin, The US DOLLAR DOES NOT EXIST. We will only use these figures as an example because they are easier to calculate: So if you have a 10% staking wallet, which gives you a 10% stake on the coins in your wallet and you have 33,500 coins That gives you a daily stake of 3350 coins. Think of it this way if the alt coin staking is worth only .02 then your daily stake in dollars is $67.00. You have to forget the dollar and add up the Satoshi. Because after all, That is the name of the game.

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