Tuesday, March 14, 2017


These stories from other sources are a great way to show more proof that Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Due to all the flack it clearly shows the Blockchain technology is cutting edge in financial freedom for all. As the demand grows worldwide, it shows that this currency will be a driving force in rebuilding world economies, despite all the false propoganda.

  As you can see proof is worth all the money in the world. Bitcoin represents true freedom, and all these new markets are just waiting for creative minds to open up a whole new innovative world.

NASDAQ Helps NYIAX with Blockchain Technology to Create an Advertising Exchange

Bitcoin's underlying blockchain technology has created a new milestone. The digital currency technology is now being used to power an advertising contracts trading exchange. The New York Interactive Advertising Exchange (NYIAX), set for launch during...

More Weekly Trading Volumes For LocalBitcoins As Global Demand For Cryptocurrencies Keeps Growing

No one will be surprised to learn last week was filled with more trading volume records for LocalBitcoins. Global demand for cryptocurrency is not slowing down by any means, that much is certain. New ...


Bitcoin companies have to fulfill their duty of promoting the use cases for cryptocurrency. Purse, a company well-known among bitcoin users for their Amazon shopping discounts, announced a partnership...

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