Saturday, March 11, 2017

To all the People that do not understand the ETF of Bitcoin

The Exchange Commission disapproved the trade on ETF simply for a section of surveillance marketing. This is the very thing that we wanted out of our money. They cannot regulate it so therefore they will use the terms of underhanded or shady people. The best thing is that it was disapproved.

Look, the old ways of trying to have a central authority is the very reason The world is in the sorry state it is in. Yes we can fix it, however, we cannot fix anything so long as people still hold on to the ELITE ways of thinking. Let us take this example. You own a casino, and the US dollar crashes. No big whoop, switch all the ATM machines to BTM machines, get a type of paper currency used in the same faction that chips are used at the table. The Dollar being limited or crashed will not effect the Crypto currency economy.

We do not want the old regulations that will centralize any currency. To do this would keep power in the hands of a criminal few. We like Crypto Currency EXACTLY the way it is. This way all ideas are on the field. You can open up a business take crypto currency only as payment, and flourish no matter what they do to their dollar they print. After all, It is we the people that make the economy, and the Economy only is what truly makes a country great.

 Stop all morons from trying to get this currency centralized because it can never be centralized. It is free and clear away from those that live their lives for greed and lust. This currency is the one currency that allows you to have financial freedom, and truly make a positive impact in the world by ACTION.

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