Saturday, June 10, 2017



    This is a small operation that we are looking to expand, after all the name of the game is to do for others. When we accomplish the first goal which is to expand this operation to a medium sized operation then we can start making more of a difference.

As you can see here, this is just a small setup, because it is difficult to get an operation up to full throttle when houses lack the basic needs for this operation.

Monday, June 5, 2017

How easy it is to load bitcoin onto a debit card

This video will show you how easy it is to load your cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and other altcoins onto a bitcoin debit card to spend it anywhere. The only reason why so many people do not know this is money, is because they fail to know what money really is. Bitcoin and all other alt coins are a currency, but they are so much more than that


You might have seen some criminal State governments trying to regulate The Exchanges in thier perspective states. No worries WE have Shapeshift as a natural part of our app wallets and they are downloaded to our mobile device. Let us take the one I use JAXX. JAXX is a great app and it allows me to mine my currency and then I can shapeshift it right into bitcoin or whichever coin I want. See the video below for further details.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tips for Small Mining Operations

There are many advantages for those that are working a smaller crypto currency mining Operation, such as myself. This video that is on Bloc Operation is one of the best I have seen, and I have also shared this on another vidme channel, and I am sharing that same vid me here. This information will help you see the different advantages, as well as show you what kind of skills that is required to even mine crypto currency in the first place. Hope this video helps.

How to build a Litecoin Mining Rig

Even though this GPU rig could be used to mine any of the Alt coins such as Litecoin, DASH, Zcash, Ether, and many others, this little demonstration willk show you a little bit about how to create a good GPU (Graphics Cards) Mining rig.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Colonial Scripts in the mid 1700's the same idea Bitcoin is today

 I have already covered this but perhaps a little visual would help those that truly do not understand that Bitcoin, no matter how revolutionary of an invention it is, it is not a new idea, in fact our founding fathers used that very same Idea and the colonies flourished. That was until the criminal International Bankers passed the Currency Act of 1764.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

This was important to get out

                                                          Just a little Help

Although this article will have not that much to do with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, even though it does have a lot to do with the SECURITY of Cryptocurrency, it is an important article to get out. For a while now there has been a malware known as ransomeware that can lock you out of your computer, demanding you pay a ransom in Bitcoin or Monero to unlock it. DO NOT EVER PAY THE RAMSOME. There are ways to combat these morons, that obviously can not add anything up themselves. Heck, these idiots probably failed math in school and if you asked them what your change should be at the store they would give you the deer in the headlights look.

I found this article that explains a better than I can so I will just copy a quote and the article will be linked. I really suggest you get up to date with this information. If you are like me and live on Cryptocurrency you will want to protect everything. It is simpler than you may think.

With  nasty malware like Locky making the rounds—encrypting its victims’ files, and then refusing to unlock them unless you pay up—ransomware is a serious headache. But not all ransomware is so difficult.
You can remove many ransomware viruses without losing your files, but with some variants that isn’t the case. In the past I’ve discussed general steps for removing malware and viruses, but you need to apply some specific tips and tricks for ransomware. The process varies and depends on the type of invader. Some procedures involve a simple virus scan, while others require offline scans and advanced recovery of your files. I categorize ransomware into three varieties: scareware, lock-screen viruses, and the really nasty stuff.”...READ MORE

GPU mining is still good if.....

                                                               GPU MINING

There are many articles that are stating that GPU Mining is no longer Profitable. I am here to tell you that not all Coins can be mined by ASIC. You need GPU miners to build up the assist that the ASIC miners just cannot.

ASIC miners will constantly mine solving the math problems, but as we have showed there will always be a time that the math difficulty will be too high and it must re calculate in order to start accepting shares again. You need to have a good GPU mining rig or system to continue mining as an assistance this also provides profitability. Look The name of the game is Satoshi, not dollar. GPU mining is as important as ASIC. It is profitable as the assistance mining system. They must be used together.

  For an example you cannot mine Ether Directly with ASIC miners, it must be mined with a GPU so with that being said, you need GPU miners also. Look past the dollar, the dollar is fake, and only concentrate on adding up satoshi and you will see that the money is just the product of what your goal is.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A retweet that Shows truth

There is certain entities that have no understanding of Bitcoin thinking they could make a private blockchain and make a National Currency. That is the most Illogical, idiotic idea, but what do you expect from morons that do not have any understanding of the concept?

"National cryptocurrencies will never be able to compete with Bitcoin because no one will trust a system that requires advance permission from and which is controlled by a government to use it. "

Monday, April 3, 2017

Exchanges-The ins and Outs

Today we will be discussing the way to choose a good exchange. I have in recent weeks been using My Android Coinomi app because of the fact Cryptopia has increased the withdraw of the litecoin which is too much over the network fee. So I have stopped using them as of this day.

Let us look at the network fee for sending or withdrawing Litecoin, 0.001 (LTC) is the Minimum fee per KB for non free transactions (creating). With that being said, Cryptopia refuses to allow a withdraw from your wallet unless the minimum is 0.1 (LTC), that is too much above the minimum and is the reason all goes to my Coinomi witch is based on electrum technology.

If you happen to be mining a coin that the App does not support try to mine one, or use the following two good exchanges, Bleutrade, or Poloniex. These two exchanges do not have a high withdraw amount, and the fees are reasonable. I recommend either or both of these exchanges. I do use Poloniex or Bleutrade to exchange certain coins.

Now let us understand that when you look into an exchange, do not merely pick the exchange because they have the coin you are wanting to mine listed. The idea is to change the coin over to ones that would be the easiest, not at the expense of the exchange to take more from you.

For all Android users I personally recommend Coinomi, and Shapeshift they are a great source for us miners.


Friday, March 31, 2017


                       Bitcoin Farm is a game where you view advertisements to earn Points. You then convert those points into actual BTC to Your purchase balance. Once you have enough in your purchase balance to purchase a chicken you can collect eggs everyday and actually earn real money.

                          The more chickens you have the more eggs you collect and sell, the more money you really make. So here is a question, Why on earth would you hang out on facebook all day, play games that you do not get anything in return, except of course bug eyes from staring at the computer too long.

                               Games are fun, and always take them into consideration, but why not play and earn when you have free time to do it. The choice is yours

                             When you want to have fun, and actually earn from playing then you can go here


Bitcoin Unlimited Is not good for the industry.

On March 15, 2017, a Bitcoin Unlimited Node crashed due to a bug. This information was censored, and what is more disturbing is the fact that this was a need to know to the entire community. This censor clearly shows that the Bitcoin Unlimited Team is not on Board the Cryptocurrency protocol of open source and uncensored networking.

This willful defiance of integrity proves that this Bitcoin Unlimited Will fail because they do not have the protocol, and backing that Bitcoin core does. There is a reason Bitcoin core keeps on going stronger, is the open source and community that makes things public to keep this currency getting better.

  For more information on how this censorship of the bug was kept away from public knowledge, which should have been immediately informed in order to fix it, you can see this article here:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mining Breakdown-Why Hashpower is not full proof

There are still so many people under the false assumption that the more hashpower you have, the more you will make. This statement will be proven False today, and it will also show that the companies that make mining multiple pools in their miners will corner the market.

First let us take mining itself. The Difficulty of the math problem is based on the miner you have. This is no mystery here, but did you know that you are not being paid 24 hours a day? That is right, you are only paid for accepted shares. If you have ever watched a GPU miner go through it's cycles you will see some interesting things right in front of you to show you what is truly happening when you mine.

Let us look at a picture of a GPU miner on SGMINER.

The first thing will we show you is the difficulty. This is the difficulty of the math problem being sent
for your miner to solve, obviously an Antminer S9 would start at a higher math problem difficulty, and that means more often it would come to a difficulty level it would have problems with. This would then force the miner to request work update and lower the difficulty. You will notice this on the pool when your hash rate decreases. That does not mean your miner is not working, it means it came to a difficulty level it cannot handle. So it will lower the difficulty rate for you to again be accepting shares. Through all of this You are not being paid.

This is why you mine multiple pools, the other coins being mined will be doing the same thing, however, since the difficulty is lower in some cases, it creates a failsafe so that you are still earning from one pool or the other.

Hashpower is fine, but the mining process is the same. You only get paid from accepted shares. This is the main reason it is called proof of work. Proof of work does not mean your miner is turned on and working. Proof of work means your accepted shares, or work completed is what you are being paid for.

To go into detail a little more if your difficulty is set to 120, for example, that means your miner will be working and once the 120 shares is completed you will see something like this

[2017-03-29 09:47:06] Accepted 96c0adder Diff 249/120 GPU 0 Pool 0

In other words the date and time the accepted shares were completed shows they are accepted and the block number it was worked on and the difficulty was 249 and you completed all 120 shares with the one GPU at the pool 0

So I cannot stress this enough, the myth of hashpower will never produce your fruits like you think. It is based on the myth that you are getting paid 24 hours a day when you are not.

I hope this breaks it down a little better for you to fully understand the mining process.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Today we are going to try to educate those that are new to the world of Bitcoin. There are some pretty stupid sites out there that do not fully understand that this currency is free and should be done differently. Let us take the first one

BITMINER.IO DOES NOT PAY. Despite what maybe just themselves stating they pay, they do not pay here is one whole month of request and to date not one payment. This moron actually believes that any intelligent person would give anything to him if they cannot make it first is ludicrous. We all know the legitimate sites pay you out free so you can turn around and invest what they paid into it. Here is proof as well as what another scam review site said.

                           BITCOIN MAKER/ BITCOIN MINER/ Bitcoin Generator

 This site is a complete scam. First of all everyone knows that miners generate new coins and the mining fee is actually transacted when you send the coins to the miner's wallet. This site will go through an act like it is mining, then it will come up with a QR-code for you to send coins, when we all know it does not work that way. THESE IDIOTS are spending advertisement money for their fake site. It is ok find out where they are advertising use the faucet and take their money. Sooner or later they will not be able to afford the advertisements and they will go belly up.

Doing what I can to educate the newcomers so they do not make the same mistakes we all did and can make a good living free of scammers.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Cryptocurrency Mining 200

We have already explained in past articles that the way to mine was to only add up satoshi I will go through this and mind you I have 1 more bitcoin being mined as well, however that photo was too large so I just used the Litecoin photo.

 Let us start with those pools that we can mine with the Antminer S3 on Load Balance first.. As you can see by the below picture, I have outlined 3 pools that I mine and you will not that on the Inferno pool I have a Litecoin address. This is because it is a multi algo pool that has great hash power as is, and I am requesting that I be paid in Litecoin. The other two pools are bitcoin.

 Now let us go to the other two pools. I am mining Bitcoin, one pool I can not show but you can see another pool I can show. I used to mine P2pools, but it seems that the payouts are too long between. Remember I said you will have to find out which pools work for you.

Just from these pictures alone you can see that the adding of Satoshi is a lot faster than if you are just plugging along mining one pool. Now let us show you the pools I am mining Litecoin on with my GPU. Remember the GPU is the assist.

So the math formula I am following is broken down like this I am mining three addresses of Litecoin and 2 bitcoin. Let us not count the 2 Cloud mining sites. Just let us count these. I have 1 staking wallet that I gain interest and when the coins reach a certain amount I trade to potcoin usually once or twice a week. And I made it easy for myself because 1 of the bitcoin pools mines directly to my electrum wallet which I get paid out every other day or so which gives me a little petty cash to spend if I need it. So the formula is

coins=5, 1 staking wallet 30 days coins times the number of days added to the interest or stake times the number of days.

    1. *30 + (I * 30)
It is easy as heck once you understand the dollar and all fiat currency is FAKE and a lie. The only thing that matters is math since bitcoin is backed by math.

In conclusion please remember this, Math is perfect, people are not.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A History Lesson-Bitcoin Not A New Idea...But...

 When it comes to Bitcoin or any other Cryptographic Currency, many people look at it as a new idea. The truth of the matter is there are no such thing as new ideas, only new applications of an old one. Bitcoin in itself is similar to the currency that was printed by the original colonists. This money was known as colonial scripts. It was interest free money that was printed and worked well. Here is an excerpt from a site which tells this history:

By the mid 1700's Britain was at its height of power, but was also heavily in debt.

Since the creation of the Bank of England, they had suffered four costly wars and the total debt now stood at £140,000,000, (which in those days was a lot of money).

In order to make their interest payments to the bank, the British government set about a programme to try to raise revenues from their American colonies, largely through an extensive programme of taxation.

There was a shortage of material for minting coins in the colonies, so they began to print their own paper money, which they called Colonial Script. This provided a very successful means of exchange and also gave the colonies a sense of identity. Colonial Script was money provided to help the exchange of goods. It was debt free paper money not backed by gold or silver.

During a visit to Britain in 1763, The Bank of England asked Benjamin Franklin how he would account for the new found prosperity in the colonies. Franklin replied.

"That is simple. In the colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Script. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers.

In this manner, creating for ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to no one."
Benjamin Franklin 1

America had learned that the people's confidence in the currency was all they needed, and they could be free of borrowing debts. That would mean being free of the Bank of England.

In Response the world's most powerful independent bank used its influence on the British parliament to press for the passing of the Currency Act of 1764.

This act made it illegal for the colonies to print their own money, and forced them to pay all future taxes to Britain in silver or gold.

Here is what Franklin said after that.

"In one year, the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed."
Benjamin Franklin

"The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction. The inability of the colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George III and the international bankers was the PRIME reason for the Revolutionary War."
Benjamin Franklin's autobiography

By the time the war began on 19th April 1775 much of the gold and silver had been taken by British taxation. They were left with no other choice but to print money to finance the war.

What is interesting here is that Colonial Script was actually working so well, it became a threat to the established economic system of the time.

The idea of issuing money as Franklin put it "in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry" and not charging any interest, was not causing any problems or inflation. This unfortunately was alien to the Bank of England which only issued money for the sake of making a profit for its shareholder's.

1. Congressman Charles G. Binderup of Nebraska, Unrobing the Ghosts of Wall Street 

Read more on the History of money here

Friday, March 24, 2017


I know I have said this before, but there are too many people that put all their trust in getting a powerful miner, wasting money, and if they are not smart enough to live in a place where All utilities are included they will never profit. To be frank, the LOGICAL STATEMENT IS, “ Never put all your eggs in one basket.”

I have never used the Antminer S3 to mine one coin, in fact I mine all three of my pools consecutively. Let me explain why.

First, every intelligent person in the game knows it is not about Dollars or any other fiat currency. Second, we all know it is only about adding up Satoshi (Bits, mBits) so there is only one way to get the most at a time.

The experiment and S7 running 24 hours a day, since it was built stupid and you can only mine one pool, mining Bitcoin only produced 0.00500000 every other day. I dont care what you say that is not adding satoshi,

I mined on a Multi algo pool with separate addresses to a lesser coin and got the equivelant of 0.00600000 daily. That is a fact because I was able to trade it to BTC and it showed I earned more. Why? Well it is simple there was more than one basket for one, and two the satoshi income was multiplied by 3. We are still not counting my 2 gpu systems and my 2 cloud mining sites. We are also not including my staking wallet.

 There are several Multi algo pools to choose from, you will have to find which one works for you. I mine a coin that has a lesser math difficulty and I do well. Do not listen to the hash power people they are wrong, the name of the game is add the satoshi only.

Do Not believe the rumors

                     There is a lot of speculation on things that are going on with Bitcoin, I am here to tell you that no matter what things are not like they seem. First of all the cold hard truth is those individuals that seek regulation for bitcoin are criminals. Understand this all banks are criminals, they use regulation as a scapegoat because the banks themselves were laundering drug money. This currency can never be regulated, ever. The only regulations that can be done is against individuals doing crimes. My advice use it right, how hard is that?

The bitcoin unlimited group is out voted on all major exchanges, the truth it will be looked at as an Alt coin, now that is good because there will be no split, and the bitcoin unlimited will have it's own unique blockchain. I for one do not agree with them neither does a lot of programmers I know.

Second we must address china going to them. It is no secret that China is not the king of miners any more, India is taking that lead. All that needs to be done is more nodes, more mining and more markets in India and the top country will be India, there will be no notice of china gone. Look, China has one major flaw, they try to centralize everything, they backed their money by gold, did we not do that? Did not the elites steal the gold? It seems to me that China has not learned from history, and they are doomed to repeat history. In other words China will also fall prey to the elites stealing their gold

In order to assist people in understanding that there truly is no competition between coins, it is the same thing, only each coin brings the developers own spice to the table. I have submitted a solution that can prevent any attempt to centralize this currency again. Let us see what happens.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A site to help beginners get Free Satoshi instantly to invest in themselves

 We all know by now that the income is directed from Mining, but there are fee Cloud mining sites that you can use to assist you as long as the persons stay legitimate. I will give you a website that you can do in your spare time to earn free Satoshi Directly to your XAPO wallet and then when it reaches a certain amount, usually within a week or 2, you can then take that free money and invest it into more hashing power.

Here is one of the Cloud Mining sites that you can sign up for free

Minegate Remember as long as you can earn for free, there are great rewards, and you may miss an opportunity. All cloud mining sites may not last forever, it is only if they pay they are listed here now.

here is the website to earn from XAPO Faucets directly every so often

Do Not Listen To False Information

There are certain fools telling you not to exchange your Bitcoins, but to hold onto them until 2020. That is the most illogical statement one could come up with. For 1 There are no guarantees that you will live until 2020. That being most important would be a way to ignore such nonsense. Secondly, The way Bitcoin keeps earning it's value is to mine and use them. Constantly trading for other Alt coins in the exchange is what keeps the trade value up. If you do some thinking you will see that only a fool would hold onto them. You need to mine and use them all the time.

If you have one Bitcoin and put it in a staking wallet it has more of a potential to double. If you set aside a staking wallet just for savings and place 1 bitcoin into it, guess what? By 2020 you may have enough interest that would land your 1 bitcoin to be 10 or more bitcoins. There is no logical reason for holding onto them. To keep the trade value up it must be exchanged everyday.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cryptocurrency Knowledge base.

             Today we are going to explore the fundamental flaw in people's thinking when it comes to living on cryptocurrency. What the frame of mind should be is when it is staking in the wallet your paid, and if you do not need it leave it in the wallet to keep gathering interest.

                 Let us think about how illogical it is to just place your bitcoin on your debit card every two weeks or every month,if you are lacking in pool mining. So you have your bitcoins on your card, they are not gathering interest, they are not working for you and you are in the same boat as if you were given a paycheck. This is the flaw with working. Not only has science proven that people that work an eight hour day is unhealthy, but the money is in your face and you spend it.

             Do you not remember the intelligent quote, “ The major reason why the middle class and poor struggle is they buy luxuries first, where the rich by needs first and luxuries last.”

            Now let us analyze the right strategy. After your coins that are mined are payed to your wallet, you need to determine which staking coin is a more stable coin with good stake. Then you trade your coins you have mined to that coin and send it to that wallet and let the coins stake.

                    What you need to do is always leave your coins in the wallet, and only withdraw what you need at a time, which will leave the rest to continue earning stake/interest. By doing this always you will see

that it is much easier to earn a good living, rather than the old way which forces you to basically exchange all your hard earn money to give it right back to the criminal bankers. You now have the opportunity to keep money in your Bank. The Bank of you. You are the Bank. You have control.

Now that you see you have control, why not use self-control and leave what you do not need in a staking wallet to earn interest. The stake is really better than a savings account, and you will never be charged an inactivity fee. Now is the time to understand this a little more. Time to really be in control. This was basic knowledge base, and now it is up to you to determine your life.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


These stories from other sources are a great way to show more proof that Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Due to all the flack it clearly shows the Blockchain technology is cutting edge in financial freedom for all. As the demand grows worldwide, it shows that this currency will be a driving force in rebuilding world economies, despite all the false propoganda.

  As you can see proof is worth all the money in the world. Bitcoin represents true freedom, and all these new markets are just waiting for creative minds to open up a whole new innovative world.

NASDAQ Helps NYIAX with Blockchain Technology to Create an Advertising Exchange

Bitcoin's underlying blockchain technology has created a new milestone. The digital currency technology is now being used to power an advertising contracts trading exchange. The New York Interactive Advertising Exchange (NYIAX), set for launch during...

More Weekly Trading Volumes For LocalBitcoins As Global Demand For Cryptocurrencies Keeps Growing

No one will be surprised to learn last week was filled with more trading volume records for LocalBitcoins. Global demand for cryptocurrency is not slowing down by any means, that much is certain. New ...

Bitcoin companies have to fulfill their duty of promoting the use cases for cryptocurrency. Purse, a company well-known among bitcoin users for their Amazon shopping discounts, announced a partnership...

Saturday, March 11, 2017

To all the People that do not understand the ETF of Bitcoin

The Exchange Commission disapproved the trade on ETF simply for a section of surveillance marketing. This is the very thing that we wanted out of our money. They cannot regulate it so therefore they will use the terms of underhanded or shady people. The best thing is that it was disapproved.

Look, the old ways of trying to have a central authority is the very reason The world is in the sorry state it is in. Yes we can fix it, however, we cannot fix anything so long as people still hold on to the ELITE ways of thinking. Let us take this example. You own a casino, and the US dollar crashes. No big whoop, switch all the ATM machines to BTM machines, get a type of paper currency used in the same faction that chips are used at the table. The Dollar being limited or crashed will not effect the Crypto currency economy.

We do not want the old regulations that will centralize any currency. To do this would keep power in the hands of a criminal few. We like Crypto Currency EXACTLY the way it is. This way all ideas are on the field. You can open up a business take crypto currency only as payment, and flourish no matter what they do to their dollar they print. After all, It is we the people that make the economy, and the Economy only is what truly makes a country great.

 Stop all morons from trying to get this currency centralized because it can never be centralized. It is free and clear away from those that live their lives for greed and lust. This currency is the one currency that allows you to have financial freedom, and truly make a positive impact in the world by ACTION.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Elites are Failing—BITCOIN and all cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

What The Elites foolishly thought of as a joke, has quickly turned into one of the greatest weapons to start their downfall. The Global Elites have, for many years, controlled the U.S Dollar, causing Inflation and many other factors that have kept the American people spiraling downward to poverty.

The Federal Reserve Bank, which is a private Bank, and the Crooked I.R.S, that is not even a Government Agency, Collects the Tax Dollar for a private bank. This was the greatest theft in Human History.

Those Days Are over. As it was stated, This currency is Decentralized, which means, no One person or entity owns the Blockchain technology. Therefore, it cannot be stopped or regulated. The Government, nor banks, nor any other agency can regulate it. This is simply because they do not own it.

What is more Important, is that this makes the currency in the control of the people where they no longer have any power over the masses. If you remember back in November of 2015 the main man of J.P Morgan and Chase said that Bitcoin would be stopped. Now we can all laugh at them because not only is it still going, but it is thriving.

 What most of the common people are not thinking about is the mere fact that when you take the control of our money away from these idiots, then they have lost all power over the people. Welcome to the real world Elites, We are in charge now, have no illusion, we are in control. This is up to you. The truth of the matter is, One person cannot truly make a difference, however, it is true that one person can plant an idea that will take the world by storm and as a collective we all have the tremendous power to change the world we live in. Stop doing the old Paradigm and get on-board for the true Revolution of Humanity.

CONCLUSION of the BITMINER site Investigation

I have gathered enough data to close this investigation. The site Biytminer is a scam. Just like so many websites out there they try to lure you in to investing your free money so they can basically steal it. Listen to me You only have to set up miners, then from the amount that clears and is sent to your wallet get a stable P.O.S (Proof Of Stake) wallet where you can exchange the coins being mined to that coin to get interest and let it continue adding Satoshi for you automatically.

 The Old Thought patterns of investing are dead. You can finally be in full control of your future. Please take my advice and only rely on your self. The picture of the pending transactions that will never come are below. I did not invest and I would not invest MY Bitcoin. If anything I would invest their Bitcoin that they paid. If any site will not let you cash out free, or invest what you earned free they are not worth the time.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

CRYPTO CURRENCY is a Great tool to fight the same enemy.

What will happen March 15, 2017?

CRYPTO CURRENCY is a Great tool to fight the same enemy.

MARCH 9, 2017- What is going to happen March 15, 2017? This Video News article gives some insight on the history of the Anniversary of March 15 being significant for the Rothchilds. I do not discount the fact that Fiat currency is controlled, it is about time to go to Digital Currency and understand that this currency is a fight against the same enemy.

Listen to this and you will understand, It is time to not trust the dollar.

Cryptocurrencies are the best game changer, The powers to be will fail.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 -2 days into investigation

I have told you that I was conducting an investigation into the website Bitminer, so far a request for withdraw was done you can see this below

As you can see on the 26th of February I have requested a withdraw, and to date it is still pending. Remember NO SITE IS WORTH INVESTING INTO IF YOU CAN NOT GET PAID FREE. This currency is FREE to begin with.

 I looked at the page of Bitminer and what I saw struck me as odd the amount was now going in reverse and was a negative value. This in itself shows that there is a small glitch in this system as it is. You can see this abnormality below.

This was only the second day of this research, and so far it is not looking too god for this website. I took the appropriate steps and emailed the support. Let us see if we get a response. A copy of the email is pasted below.

Mark Fluet <>
Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 4:53 PM
Something is wrong

 My bitminer is showing -0.12 BTC there is a problem with that either
this miner is unstable or this is a glitch please respond

thank you

We will continue to monitor, however as I have just stated with only two full days into the investigation, and these two major things are happening, it clearly does not look too good. I mine my own coins anyway, I stake and get interest anyway, but these sites that take bitcoin as a scam must be stopped. In order to do that we need constructive proof instead of opinions.

I will monitor If I do not get a response the investigation will be closed, If I do the response will be posted with any results. Please remember the only person you can truly trust is yourself.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Investigation into

  Too many times there are those morons that have no clue on what is a real scam and what is not. In some cases, they label things as a scam because it simply does not give them what they want, as what reality truly is. In the same fact there are those that say a site is legitimate, when it turns out it is not. I have been in a situation where a site was paying me regularly, and one day they went rouge.

Today I am launching an active, ongoing, and Thorough investigation into BITMINER.

Remember the disclaimer on any website that offers you services into bitcoin or any other of the currency. Sites that do not allow you to withdraw as a free member, weather it is a cloud mining or not are not worth the investment. Any site offering a free service with the option to upgrade must have a reputation of free member withdraws regularly in order to be a legitimate site. Finally No site can last forever depending on the integrity of the person or persons that are running the site. This is why you must be able to withdraw as a free member since the money is easy to earn free to begin with. Use discretion.

I have already signed up for a free account and I have reached the minimum amount to withdraw and have already made the request. I will continue to make two or three more as a free member totaling a certain number that I have previously determined. If all three or four withdraw requests come through with no problem I will then write an updated article on the results. Remember I will continue to monitor this site to show without any doubt if the site is a scam or legitimate. I myself have seen sites start off legitimate and then go rouge, so I would never rely on any one site, As I have always said, " Always rely on yourself, you are the only one you can trust."

Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Cryptocurrency is More Logical


Let us look a little bit into what I mean By adding up the Satoshi. This is to give you a better picture of the terms and the methods behind how we succeed. If you remember from earlier posts, I have stated you need to trade up daily to a staking coin, this is known as the DROP.

Now let us look at when I do receive a block of Litecoin, or rather the bonus I do not put into my daily figure. At this time 1 LTC=0.00319 BTC

That is three-hundred-thousand Satoshi per Litecoin. When the Block Hits, usually within a week or so, I get 25 Litecoins that is 0.07975BTC, or 7 Million-9Hundred and Seventy-five Satoshi. Now you see with just the Block we have brought this into the Millions.

The daily Drops of three or Four coins are continuing to add up stake, or interest every day. This like anything else takes time and patience, but for all those that are not too bright, or maybe just a little slow, let us examine the slave mentality of working.

You go out to look for a job, you spend an entire day filling out applications, and when you arrive home there are no calls. You get up the next day, and you do the same thing filling out applications.

Let us say you continue this pattern and you get lucky. You receive a call from one of the places you filled out on the first day. You get called in for an interview. You wake up in the morning, putting your best foot forward, and you shower, shave, and wear a good professional business suit. You are ready for the interview.

You take the time to travel to the place and let the receptionist know you are here for an interview. You sit down carrying a folder or briefcase with what you think will be the proof you are suited for the job. Waiting patiently, you are nervous, you start thinking you have bills to pay, and you are praying you get the job.

The manager that will be interviewing you finally calls you in. Let us move to a point where you were lucky to pass the interview. You are offered the job but you have to wait. YES wait. The company will now perform a routine background check which could take up to a week if you are lucky. I have seen them take 2 weeks depending on how many applicants all across the state you live in are applying for different jobs at that time.

You get lucky the background check only took 1 week So they call you in for a drug test. You get in your car and go to the place where the company has the contract to do your drug test. Now you complete that and guess what You have to wait again for maybe 48 hours, or 2 days.

So far you have waited a week and now will be waiting for 2 more days. So let us say you pass everything and you start the job. They offer you $10.00 per hour, but there is one problem You are starting on the first day of the pay period. WOW another three weeks will go by until you have money.

Do you see where this is going. You are going to wait anyway, Then why the heck would you not wait for something that you control and not other people that may not like you because you may be smarter than them and they will eventually try to get rid of you because they are fearful of loosing their job.

Might as well wait and just be happy with life.

Patience is a virtue


I am going to say this because there are so many people that do not understand the best part of QUARK. The Best part of QUARK is it is an unlimited currency.

That means there are NO LIMIT. The video below describes quark, however times have changed. This coin can be mined in some pools with a GPU. Think of it, You can never mine all of the Quark which makes it stable so there are no reasons to give it up. Again as per the last post the point is to add up Satoshi.

Now that yo have seen what Quark is Let me show you where the other guys fail to comprehend. The term adding Satoshi means exactly that. I have My Antminers, that are the main source and the coins it mines does a daily drop every day. Second I have one GPU i am solo mining which I do eventually find a block and that amount is like a bonus to be added with the daily drop. I now mine Quark with another GPU system that every 24 Hours i send to an exchange to trade that coin to where it is now also with my wallet so when the daily drop hits I now have double the drop.

People do not think. Quark was the best idea because it was an unlimited Coin that will never run out. It is not the value, again it is the adding of the Satoshi as a constant. If you have one S9 and mine only bitcoin, you will NEVER catch up to those that mine double or even Quad coins at a time. 

4>1, in other words 4 is always greater than 1, no matter if the one is $1,000.00 or more in value. The difficulty prevents you from adding up coins as fast as those mining multiple. Here is some information on Quark

Here you can see the value of Quark, although it is not important. The only thing you need to concern yourself is the amount of Satoshi per coin.

On this frame you can see that the coin is HEALTHY, which means it is a stable coin

This final picture shows that the amount of coins that can be mined is endless. It specifically states NO LIMIT.

This is the perfect GPU or CPU assist coin. I personally would not mine this coin without a pool that does GPU, for the simple fact I make a daily drop and the CPU will never get into the MHs. The mere fact of the ability to mine this coin with a GPU has made it the Number 1 assist coin on the network. 

Many pools still only allow this coin to be mined with a cpu, so I found a few that do the GPU mine. This way I have the ability to fget more Satoshi to send every night.

Remember when it comes to any Crypto Coin, The only person you can trust is yourself. Nine times out of ten the people that slam coins or say they are a scam, or even that it does not work, are usually those that have no programming skills, or cannot grasp the fact that this is simple math and no coin should ever be compared to the fake dollar when mining. The goal is SATOSHI and SATOSHI alone

Thursday, February 23, 2017


There are too many platforms available today, where you can make a good living on crypto currency. The truth is, you have to be smart about it. For so long, and even today, there are so many scammers on the Internet trying to get you to send them Bitcoin, and they will provide nothing to you. Some sites have the picture of Anonymous on them, when in actuality, The real Anonymous stands for freedom, and will not ask you to do anything, because they are not a personal army and they have plenty of their own.

In earlier posts I have stated that Bitcoin was the gamers currency. Let us truly break it down. In the game Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, you start off with one peasant. If you do all the mining and all the tree chopping with the one peasant, it will not only take forever, but you run the risk of the enemy finding you and destroying your entire base.

So the Goal was to train multiple peasants in order to mine more gold faster which provides the multiple streams of income for your base, and to chop down multiple resources of lumber which will allow you to build your base faster.

The same is true in crypto currency. You must find the best resources for the mining hardware you have. I use Antminer S3,s, because despite the morons out there, they are the only Miners I know of that have the ability to mine on multiple pools at the same time which doubles the Satoshi earnings.

Using a multi algo pool is the best bet for several reasons:

  1. The pool itself will automatically pick the most profitable coin at any given second.
  2. You do not have to mine Bitcoin with the difficulty, they usually allow you to be paid in
  3. Litecoin, or any other coin they support
  4. You can use Antminers and GPU cards to assist which delivers maximum efficiency.

 There are a few others, but you will have to discover them for yourself. You must understand, depending on your personal Hardware, Internet provider, and system You will have to use the most profitable for you.

Now let us go into what you need to do when your coins hit your wallet. I use my android because I can shape-shift to whatever coin I need to stake. Since some of the exchanges have decided to stop using Litecoin as a trading pair, I can use any coin as a trading pair, so long as the Shape-shift has that coin on it. In other words I can shape-shift Dash to Potcoin, Or Dash to Reddcoin, or even Litecoin to Reddcoin. It is all easy and I can send it directly to my staking wallet where I continue to add Satoshi in the staking process.

 If you remember, The goal is NEVER to compare to US Dollars, because the Dollar is Fake and has absolutely no value. You must understand the strategy of simply adding up Satoshi

This way the coins you mined will continue to add up Satoshi and it provides you with the steady income. Please remember, Each wallet that stakes is based on a percentage of the actual coin, The US DOLLAR DOES NOT EXIST. We will only use these figures as an example because they are easier to calculate: So if you have a 10% staking wallet, which gives you a 10% stake on the coins in your wallet and you have 33,500 coins That gives you a daily stake of 3350 coins. Think of it this way if the alt coin staking is worth only .02 then your daily stake in dollars is $67.00. You have to forget the dollar and add up the Satoshi. Because after all, That is the name of the game.

Friday, February 17, 2017


 There are several "FAKE MEDIA" Outlets as well as some alternative media outlets, such as Alex Jones, that stated that the Globalists and the Central Bankers are trying to get you to use digital currency and force you to have bank accounts. That is a lie and false

Let us truly understand the Blockchain, since there are so many idiots just sputtering out garbage from their mouths. The Blockchain is a central open source public ledger that is not owned by anyone. That is right NO ONE OWNS THE BLOCKCHAIN and under all Regulations of the United States Code No one can regulate anything they do not own.

That destroys the first myth of they will force you to get a bank account and control the currency, NEWS FLASH, they cannot.

Ok let us look at the blockchain closely

Let us analyze this for all of those people that have no logic. The Blockchain will only show the receiving address. You can look at a Bitcoin Address like an account number, however your name or any other information is not attached to your wallet, in fact, there is no information that you need to even put into it to have a bitcoin wallet on your computer. Download electrum, they only give you a set of words that you have to write down in order to back up your wallet. There never is any data that you type into your wallet, it never asks for even your name. So this alone destroys the myth of these morons that they will track you, They cannot, because your sending address is different than your receiving address and just like the receiving address it changes every transaction.

Now that you have a little better understanding, you can see that this currency destroys the globalists because they cannot control it, they cannot regulate it, because as stated above NO ONE OWNS the Blockchain. With that being said it is truly the people's money and since the People are the economy, it is a fair and just way to make our economy thrive.

Governments, Businesses, Banks, nor corporations are the economy. Economists always lie because We the People are the economy. If people are earning, then people are spending. If peope are spending, then the currency is circulating. If the currency is circulating, then Obviously the economy is flourishing.

Bitcoin as all digital currency is the money, is the people's money and will bring our people to real freedom.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to live on Bitcoin.

                      When it comes to mining Bitcoin, many people make the mistake of comparing Bitcoin to the currency. For example, in the United States most people that fail use the false Mining profitability calculator to how much money they will make every hour, every week, and every month. This information will never be right.

For one thing when you go to work and get a paycheck like the slave mentality teaches, do you deduct the gas you put in your vehicle, the rent you pay, the electricity bill you pay, the phone bill, the gas bill, the food bill, or any other expense that you have to calculate what profit you are making from all dead end jobs? The answer of that question is NO.

If you do not place it in your monthly expense for profitability on your job, then you can not do it in Bitcoin. The entire purpose is not to compare the Non value dollar to Bitcoin, but it is rather to add up Satoshi.

When you have certain mining hardware, you need to mine the coin that you can use to your own advantage. This means the fastest payout in order to exchange for a coin that stakes, or gives interest, in order to continue adding Satoshi to the coins you have already mined every hour.

The only people that claim Bitcoin is a scam, or a waste of time are the same people that will never be able to do simple math. That is right, Bitcoin, as well as all cryptocurrencies are backed up by 100% pure math. That alone makes it the best currency of the world. Math is perfect, people are not.

In this manual we will break down the mining strategy to its very basic form and show you what to do with the equipment you have and how to get the most out of it. After the coins are mined, you will see what to do with them by exchanging them fast and depositing them into a coin that adds hourly interest.

This is the correct way to live off of the Cryptocurrency world. Math is the formula, Math is right, it is the people that are always wrong, because people are imperfect, where Math is perfect.

If you are interested in Learning mining the right way, and if you cannot find the answer in this blog Email me at with your question and I will send you the information. I have created this blog to help people learn this for free, and to show you that the one thing you never do is search information on Google or any other search engine. Calculators are made by people that have no knowledge of mathematical formulas. They only think of the money which is only the first application ti bitcoin. Bitcoin is a protocol, so it can not be compared, it has to be added.