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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bitminer.io -2 days into investigation

I have told you that I was conducting an investigation into the website Bitminer, so far a request for withdraw was done you can see this below

As you can see on the 26th of February I have requested a withdraw, and to date it is still pending. Remember NO SITE IS WORTH INVESTING INTO IF YOU CAN NOT GET PAID FREE. This currency is FREE to begin with.

 I looked at the page of Bitminer and what I saw struck me as odd the amount was now going in reverse and was a negative value. This in itself shows that there is a small glitch in this system as it is. You can see this abnormality below.

This was only the second day of this research, and so far it is not looking too god for this website. I took the appropriate steps and emailed the support. Let us see if we get a response. A copy of the email is pasted below.

Mark Fluet <mrfluet@gmail.com>
Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 4:53 PM
Something is wrong

 My bitminer is showing -0.12 BTC there is a problem with that either
this miner is unstable or this is a glitch please respond

thank you

We will continue to monitor, however as I have just stated with only two full days into the investigation, and these two major things are happening, it clearly does not look too good. I mine my own coins anyway, I stake and get interest anyway, but these sites that take bitcoin as a scam must be stopped. In order to do that we need constructive proof instead of opinions.

I will monitor If I do not get a response the investigation will be closed, If I do the response will be posted with any results. Please remember the only person you can truly trust is yourself.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Investigation into Bitminer.io

  Too many times there are those morons that have no clue on what is a real scam and what is not. In some cases, they label things as a scam because it simply does not give them what they want, as what reality truly is. In the same fact there are those that say a site is legitimate, when it turns out it is not. I have been in a situation where a site was paying me regularly, and one day they went rouge.

Today I am launching an active, ongoing, and Thorough investigation into BITMINER.

Remember the disclaimer on any website that offers you services into bitcoin or any other of the currency. Sites that do not allow you to withdraw as a free member, weather it is a cloud mining or not are not worth the investment. Any site offering a free service with the option to upgrade must have a reputation of free member withdraws regularly in order to be a legitimate site. Finally No site can last forever depending on the integrity of the person or persons that are running the site. This is why you must be able to withdraw as a free member since the money is easy to earn free to begin with. Use discretion.

I have already signed up for a free account and I have reached the minimum amount to withdraw and have already made the request. I will continue to make two or three more as a free member totaling a certain number that I have previously determined. If all three or four withdraw requests come through with no problem I will then write an updated article on the results. Remember I will continue to monitor this site to show without any doubt if the site is a scam or legitimate. I myself have seen sites start off legitimate and then go rouge, so I would never rely on any one site, As I have always said, " Always rely on yourself, you are the only one you can trust."

Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Cryptocurrency is More Logical


Let us look a little bit into what I mean By adding up the Satoshi. This is to give you a better picture of the terms and the methods behind how we succeed. If you remember from earlier posts, I have stated you need to trade up daily to a staking coin, this is known as the DROP.

Now let us look at when I do receive a block of Litecoin, or rather the bonus I do not put into my daily figure. At this time 1 LTC=0.00319 BTC

That is three-hundred-thousand Satoshi per Litecoin. When the Block Hits, usually within a week or so, I get 25 Litecoins that is 0.07975BTC, or 7 Million-9Hundred and Seventy-five Satoshi. Now you see with just the Block we have brought this into the Millions.

The daily Drops of three or Four coins are continuing to add up stake, or interest every day. This like anything else takes time and patience, but for all those that are not too bright, or maybe just a little slow, let us examine the slave mentality of working.

You go out to look for a job, you spend an entire day filling out applications, and when you arrive home there are no calls. You get up the next day, and you do the same thing filling out applications.

Let us say you continue this pattern and you get lucky. You receive a call from one of the places you filled out on the first day. You get called in for an interview. You wake up in the morning, putting your best foot forward, and you shower, shave, and wear a good professional business suit. You are ready for the interview.

You take the time to travel to the place and let the receptionist know you are here for an interview. You sit down carrying a folder or briefcase with what you think will be the proof you are suited for the job. Waiting patiently, you are nervous, you start thinking you have bills to pay, and you are praying you get the job.

The manager that will be interviewing you finally calls you in. Let us move to a point where you were lucky to pass the interview. You are offered the job but you have to wait. YES wait. The company will now perform a routine background check which could take up to a week if you are lucky. I have seen them take 2 weeks depending on how many applicants all across the state you live in are applying for different jobs at that time.

You get lucky the background check only took 1 week So they call you in for a drug test. You get in your car and go to the place where the company has the contract to do your drug test. Now you complete that and guess what You have to wait again for maybe 48 hours, or 2 days.

So far you have waited a week and now will be waiting for 2 more days. So let us say you pass everything and you start the job. They offer you $10.00 per hour, but there is one problem You are starting on the first day of the pay period. WOW another three weeks will go by until you have money.

Do you see where this is going. You are going to wait anyway, Then why the heck would you not wait for something that you control and not other people that may not like you because you may be smarter than them and they will eventually try to get rid of you because they are fearful of loosing their job.

Might as well wait and just be happy with life.

Patience is a virtue


I am going to say this because there are so many people that do not understand the best part of QUARK. The Best part of QUARK is it is an unlimited currency.

That means there are NO LIMIT. The video below describes quark, however times have changed. This coin can be mined in some pools with a GPU. Think of it, You can never mine all of the Quark which makes it stable so there are no reasons to give it up. Again as per the last post the point is to add up Satoshi.

Now that yo have seen what Quark is Let me show you where the other guys fail to comprehend. The term adding Satoshi means exactly that. I have My Antminers, that are the main source and the coins it mines does a daily drop every day. Second I have one GPU i am solo mining which I do eventually find a block and that amount is like a bonus to be added with the daily drop. I now mine Quark with another GPU system that every 24 Hours i send to an exchange to trade that coin to where it is now also with my wallet so when the daily drop hits I now have double the drop.

People do not think. Quark was the best idea because it was an unlimited Coin that will never run out. It is not the value, again it is the adding of the Satoshi as a constant. If you have one S9 and mine only bitcoin, you will NEVER catch up to those that mine double or even Quad coins at a time. 

4>1, in other words 4 is always greater than 1, no matter if the one is $1,000.00 or more in value. The difficulty prevents you from adding up coins as fast as those mining multiple. Here is some information on Quark

Here you can see the value of Quark, although it is not important. The only thing you need to concern yourself is the amount of Satoshi per coin.

On this frame you can see that the coin is HEALTHY, which means it is a stable coin

This final picture shows that the amount of coins that can be mined is endless. It specifically states NO LIMIT.

This is the perfect GPU or CPU assist coin. I personally would not mine this coin without a pool that does GPU, for the simple fact I make a daily drop and the CPU will never get into the MHs. The mere fact of the ability to mine this coin with a GPU has made it the Number 1 assist coin on the network. 

Many pools still only allow this coin to be mined with a cpu, so I found a few that do the GPU mine. This way I have the ability to fget more Satoshi to send every night.

Remember when it comes to any Crypto Coin, The only person you can trust is yourself. Nine times out of ten the people that slam coins or say they are a scam, or even that it does not work, are usually those that have no programming skills, or cannot grasp the fact that this is simple math and no coin should ever be compared to the fake dollar when mining. The goal is SATOSHI and SATOSHI alone

Thursday, February 23, 2017


There are too many platforms available today, where you can make a good living on crypto currency. The truth is, you have to be smart about it. For so long, and even today, there are so many scammers on the Internet trying to get you to send them Bitcoin, and they will provide nothing to you. Some sites have the picture of Anonymous on them, when in actuality, The real Anonymous stands for freedom, and will not ask you to do anything, because they are not a personal army and they have plenty of their own.

In earlier posts I have stated that Bitcoin was the gamers currency. Let us truly break it down. In the game Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, you start off with one peasant. If you do all the mining and all the tree chopping with the one peasant, it will not only take forever, but you run the risk of the enemy finding you and destroying your entire base.

So the Goal was to train multiple peasants in order to mine more gold faster which provides the multiple streams of income for your base, and to chop down multiple resources of lumber which will allow you to build your base faster.

The same is true in crypto currency. You must find the best resources for the mining hardware you have. I use Antminer S3,s, because despite the morons out there, they are the only Miners I know of that have the ability to mine on multiple pools at the same time which doubles the Satoshi earnings.

Using a multi algo pool is the best bet for several reasons:

  1. The pool itself will automatically pick the most profitable coin at any given second.
  2. You do not have to mine Bitcoin with the difficulty, they usually allow you to be paid in
  3. Litecoin, or any other coin they support
  4. You can use Antminers and GPU cards to assist which delivers maximum efficiency.

 There are a few others, but you will have to discover them for yourself. You must understand, depending on your personal Hardware, Internet provider, and system You will have to use the most profitable for you.

Now let us go into what you need to do when your coins hit your wallet. I use my android because I can shape-shift to whatever coin I need to stake. Since some of the exchanges have decided to stop using Litecoin as a trading pair, I can use any coin as a trading pair, so long as the Shape-shift has that coin on it. In other words I can shape-shift Dash to Potcoin, Or Dash to Reddcoin, or even Litecoin to Reddcoin. It is all easy and I can send it directly to my staking wallet where I continue to add Satoshi in the staking process.

 If you remember, The goal is NEVER to compare to US Dollars, because the Dollar is Fake and has absolutely no value. You must understand the strategy of simply adding up Satoshi

This way the coins you mined will continue to add up Satoshi and it provides you with the steady income. Please remember, Each wallet that stakes is based on a percentage of the actual coin, The US DOLLAR DOES NOT EXIST. We will only use these figures as an example because they are easier to calculate: So if you have a 10% staking wallet, which gives you a 10% stake on the coins in your wallet and you have 33,500 coins That gives you a daily stake of 3350 coins. Think of it this way if the alt coin staking is worth only .02 then your daily stake in dollars is $67.00. You have to forget the dollar and add up the Satoshi. Because after all, That is the name of the game.

Friday, February 17, 2017


 There are several "FAKE MEDIA" Outlets as well as some alternative media outlets, such as Alex Jones, that stated that the Globalists and the Central Bankers are trying to get you to use digital currency and force you to have bank accounts. That is a lie and false

Let us truly understand the Blockchain, since there are so many idiots just sputtering out garbage from their mouths. The Blockchain is a central open source public ledger that is not owned by anyone. That is right NO ONE OWNS THE BLOCKCHAIN and under all Regulations of the United States Code No one can regulate anything they do not own.

That destroys the first myth of they will force you to get a bank account and control the currency, NEWS FLASH, they cannot.

Ok let us look at the blockchain closely

Let us analyze this for all of those people that have no logic. The Blockchain will only show the receiving address. You can look at a Bitcoin Address like an account number, however your name or any other information is not attached to your wallet, in fact, there is no information that you need to even put into it to have a bitcoin wallet on your computer. Download electrum, they only give you a set of words that you have to write down in order to back up your wallet. There never is any data that you type into your wallet, it never asks for even your name. So this alone destroys the myth of these morons that they will track you, They cannot, because your sending address is different than your receiving address and just like the receiving address it changes every transaction.

Now that you have a little better understanding, you can see that this currency destroys the globalists because they cannot control it, they cannot regulate it, because as stated above NO ONE OWNS the Blockchain. With that being said it is truly the people's money and since the People are the economy, it is a fair and just way to make our economy thrive.

Governments, Businesses, Banks, nor corporations are the economy. Economists always lie because We the People are the economy. If people are earning, then people are spending. If peope are spending, then the currency is circulating. If the currency is circulating, then Obviously the economy is flourishing.

Bitcoin as all digital currency is the money, is the people's money and will bring our people to real freedom.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to live on Bitcoin.

                      When it comes to mining Bitcoin, many people make the mistake of comparing Bitcoin to the currency. For example, in the United States most people that fail use the false Mining profitability calculator to how much money they will make every hour, every week, and every month. This information will never be right.

For one thing when you go to work and get a paycheck like the slave mentality teaches, do you deduct the gas you put in your vehicle, the rent you pay, the electricity bill you pay, the phone bill, the gas bill, the food bill, or any other expense that you have to calculate what profit you are making from all dead end jobs? The answer of that question is NO.

If you do not place it in your monthly expense for profitability on your job, then you can not do it in Bitcoin. The entire purpose is not to compare the Non value dollar to Bitcoin, but it is rather to add up Satoshi.

When you have certain mining hardware, you need to mine the coin that you can use to your own advantage. This means the fastest payout in order to exchange for a coin that stakes, or gives interest, in order to continue adding Satoshi to the coins you have already mined every hour.

The only people that claim Bitcoin is a scam, or a waste of time are the same people that will never be able to do simple math. That is right, Bitcoin, as well as all cryptocurrencies are backed up by 100% pure math. That alone makes it the best currency of the world. Math is perfect, people are not.

In this manual we will break down the mining strategy to its very basic form and show you what to do with the equipment you have and how to get the most out of it. After the coins are mined, you will see what to do with them by exchanging them fast and depositing them into a coin that adds hourly interest.

This is the correct way to live off of the Cryptocurrency world. Math is the formula, Math is right, it is the people that are always wrong, because people are imperfect, where Math is perfect.

If you are interested in Learning mining the right way, and if you cannot find the answer in this blog Email me at mrfluet@gmail.com with your question and I will send you the information. I have created this blog to help people learn this for free, and to show you that the one thing you never do is search information on Google or any other search engine. Calculators are made by people that have no knowledge of mathematical formulas. They only think of the money which is only the first application ti bitcoin. Bitcoin is a protocol, so it can not be compared, it has to be added.