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Friday, December 30, 2016


 Many Liars in the media, in India, and the news actually believe since the Blockchain is an open source public ledger that Big Brother can see your name and how much you have earned. That is a lie. There are no names in the Blockchain and what is more important is that every time i send bitcoin to my wallet, the address changes with every transaction. I will include a snapshot of the Blockchain which will show you the truth that they are all liars. Now show me a name. Show me if you can how much i just sent.

I thought as much you cannot.

Monday, September 19, 2016



First we have already covered mining on this educational blog. This is the most important part of any cryptocurrency and it is also your main source of an income. We have already discussed the main rule,”Less is more”. If you think about it Logically, the less value the coin has the more you will get per block and the less time it takes to block.

The Don'ts

Please do not fall for scams or ponzis. These are sites that because the owner of the site is a complete retard and would not know a miner if it was dropped on his balls, he decides to rely on the gullible and people that are searching for other income producing sites. Thye reason they do this is because

  1. They are hopelessly retarded. Unfortunately they have no computer or electronic skills to set up a miner, which really is not that hard a 5 year old can do it here in the states.
  2. They have failed math and cannot use a currency that is backed by Pure mathematics.

Here is a website listing a very large list of do not give these retarded people anything sites. If they can not do math make them take the time and go to a library to learn it.



Minerfarm.com is a legitimate source on a virtual miner. I have been paid regularly but I will show you what to look for so you do not make my mistakes and are able to avoid headaches from retarded scammer weebles.

First the mining income you receive is based on real life as comparing it to an Antminer S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S7, or S9. This shows strategic mathematic protocol that is used in real life if you bought the miners themselves.

 Second you can see how they effectively charge for electricity, giving them a source of income regularly, to pay for electricity. Also you have to use their own pools which they charge a pool fee. You can also create your own pool for a monthly fee. The picture below shows my payments every month. Now multiply that by how many miners. This person is making a living. If he would pack up and run away, this person would be cutting off his nose despite his face because there will be no more income. Also the picture below that shows how much a month you will pay to open your own pool.

Just by seeing all the money that comes in, you can get a pretty good idea that this site will stay. Please remember, all virtual mining sites will only be as good as the person running it, and can only stay legitimate so long as that same person is running it, and that person has the health to keep running it. No site will last forever.


Yes you can invest in yourself, by opening up a cryptocurrency wallet that stakes, so you gain interest. You can earn by mining, faucets, and even opening up a booth at a local swap-meet and downloading a POS app for your tablet or phone where you can sell things for Bitcoin. You can open up a website and get paid through the Internet to earn Bitcoins. Take some self responsibility and start relying on the only person you can trust......YOURSELF

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bitcoin Consultant-Gamer issues challenge

I have said before that Bitcoin in it of itself is truly the gamers currency. What is a Gamer? Well it is a person that is competitive by nature to beat a higher score than he or she has. The true gamers actually compete against themselves and always strive to better their game.

First we have to define the difference between a faucet and an App

A faucet is a website that gives you a very small amount of partial coins every so many minutes. The reason for this is that the advertisers are not paying that much or the faucet owner has no general concept of advertising spots. Also the website is open to attacks and hackers stealing the coins.

A typical faucet is pictured below.


An App is a free download that you can get for your Android or mobile device from the app store. WOW! Imagine that free money. Okay, so why is it better? For one thing, the adds are paid on multiples, which means more revenue to give away. Second, the game is stored on your personal mobile device which means that it can not easily be found or hacked, as a web page can. Finally, there is not as many restrictions.

Money never starts an idea, it is always the idea that starts the money.”-Owen Laughlin

Now here is the challenge, Download this free app and start to understand that even though it is real currency, look at it as a score. Be the gamer and beat me if you can.

Download BITCOIN ALIENS The kill aliens tab you can do unlimited. Think of it as a game with a new mission bonus round every 3 hours. Get the app and try to beat me. They say a real gamer will never back down from a challenge. That is also true for a real man, or a real woman. I have issued the challenge. Look at it as a score.

***NOTE*** remember to open up an XAPO, bitcoin wallet for free and click the MY ADDRESS tab to put in your address so you can get paid. GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency A reminder of reality

 Bitcoin as well as all other forms of Cryptographic currency was invented to create a way out of the controlled financial crooked system that is destroying our world. Never before have we had the advantage we have today.

It is at this moment that I feel compelled to warn you not to get distracted by false information on the web, in your news, even the election scuttlebutt. The distractions always make you unprepared for what is coming. I would truly ask you all to remain focused and vigilant on the earnings you are making to be prepared for the collapse of the dollar.

Bitcoin will continue to be able to keep our economy running, and keep you fed. It is in the best interest to let all those that were follish enough not to learn this to face whatever happens. This is not by any means a cruel post, it is a post to let you all know that it is important that we truly realize that this technology actually allows us to take self responsibility and create our own wealth and lives. If you wish to learn the game I did make a website with a mining guide translated in English, Spanish and Russian. But mind you this guide is for those that are truly unable to understand this. It is a guide to break this information down to the lowest common denominator so that you can get a better grasp.

If anyone knows of someone trying hard and struggling, making the same mistakes I did at one time relying on sites like Topmine.io, or Ore-mine.org, and getting taking for a ride. Please get them to my site. I do not need to sell these at all I make a living well, but I do realize that those that cannot afford even a single antminer is a problem. That is why I did this with my team to make a way to raise the funds to allow the ability to help out those that just cannot get ahead.

Remember we are not here to be adored, we are not here to be popular, we are not here to be famous, we are here to help our fellow human being. If you see those that are only in for themselves, you can truly see to avoid their drama. Bitcoin is the revolution, but it is through cooperation that we stand united.

Website for the newbies: http://cryptominingdepot.weebly.com/

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Start Taking Control of the Bitcoin Price

Stop letting Cyber Hackers and companies dictate the rise and fall in price of bitcoin. Do you truly understand that this is the people's money. Look all you have to do is get a bitcoin debit card. Trust me. There are many advantages.

    If the price decreases you do not get the lower price on your card. As well if the price increases you do not benefit. Think of it as a safe haven for your money. He4re is the link where you can read more.

Now to start taking control of the price you must first use bitcoin only to pay all your bills. This means transferring all crypto currency and USELESS paper money to bitcoin and immediately transferring to your prepaid Visa or Mastercard Boitcoin debit card.. Now your rent and bill money are safe from any decrease of price.

Think of it this way let us say just for this example that your rent is $900.00 a month. We will not do bills as of yet. So that is $900.00 a month that you will increase the price every month. If only 50 people do this that is increasing $45,000 every month. Trust me I have takin the price up on many coins and increased the market cap on several which makes the price rise easily.

Start taking control. We own this money we can control the price. Do not let the federal reserve cyber hacking fruits win. We have the ability to hike that price up so high they will never bring it down. It is through buying, even with other crypoto currencies, that we control the price.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Crypto Mining Guide English

    The first part of making a living on crypotocurrency mining is truly understanding the logical mathematics of the technology. You can not ever succeed in mining if you can not even understand the true technology that is bitcoin.

 Can tell me what the coin difficulty is?
Can you tell me the effective hashing to have?
Can you tell me what to look for when deciding what coin to mine? If you cannot answer those questions, then that alone is proof you do not truly understand the technology and how to get the full use of mining. We give you an understanding into how to set up specifics, but this is only the basics. You can mine a SHA256 Coin and turn around and mine a X11 coin. We show you the best way to get the true payout of work provided by EACH worker.

   We offer the Cryptocurrency Mining Guide in English. You can now get the true basics on how mining works, and what the basic knowledge is. What is Difficulty? How many Hashes in a Kilohash? What coin should I mine? The manual answers how to determine these very questions and understand difficulty and what mining is. Do not waste time doing the same thing every day. Time to opt out of the failing US dollar before you have no money to eat. Crypto currency is backed by MAth, the US Dollar is backed by NOTHING. Get the information.


Ofrecemos la Guía criptomoneda Minería Ahora en español. Ahora puede obtener los verdaderos conceptos básicos sobre cómo funciona la minería, y lo que el knowledg básica es. ¿Cuál es la dificultad? ¿Cuántos elementos hash en un Kilohash? Lo que la moneda debería mío? Las respuestas manuales para determinar cómo estas mismas preguntas y comprender la dificultad y lo que es la minería. No pierda el tiempo haciendo lo mismo todos los días. Tiempo de optar por la falta de dólar antes de tener dinero para comer. Crypto moneda está respaldada por las matemáticas, el dólar está respaldado por nada. Obtener la información.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mining Guide

    Now you can get some basic information that can help you understand Cryptocurrency Mining. I have tried to give you all some insight, and the truth be told you do not need 10,000 miners just to make it. This is all based on difficulty. The Guide is available in English, Spanish, and Russian for now. Other Languages are coming.

50% of all sales will be placed in a fund to help those less fortunate and get them miners so they can start earning for themselves. The cost of the guide by today's exchange rate would be the equivalent of $1.00.

You can only purchase it by bitcoin. The guide breaks down some basic fundamentals that you should know before mining. It is time to take control of an important aspect that sets us free. If you would like more information, or would like to get your guide go to


Let us make the difference, and be the change we want to see in the world today.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Most Productive way to mine.

A lot of speculation has been placed, but I am here to show you the correct most profitable way to use your mining resources. For the sake of this lesson, we will be using two Antminer S3 miners for this example.

It is ok to mine bitcoin for the sake of securing the network, however, it is not profitable if you wish to live off of this currency. So let us look for an alternative Crypto currency we can mine at SHA256 with the lowest difficulty. We will get into the lower difficulty in a another article.

This website gives you a listing of many Alternative Coins to mine along with the difficulty. The key is to look through the coins and find the one that can be mined with SHA256 Algorithm, so you can use the Antminer S3. When you look through the coins you need to look for 3 key pieces of information:

Algorithm Sha256
Mining Difficulty
14 Day trade Volume

Now that you have selected the coin you will need to set up your miner, find the best p2pool and get the information.


As I stated you want to get the maximum earnings for each miner. This means when you set up the workers, if you are using a p2pool then give each miner a different address to the same wallet. If you are using a pool that you had to register then use worker 1 for one and worker 2 for the other.

The main reason why you do this is for three reasons.

Getting the entire amount of hashing power. If you mine any pool with multiple miners, and you use the same address or worker the pool will average out the hasing power. Think about it like this:

1st Antminer is mining at 350 GH/s. The 2nd Antminer is mining at 425 GH/s this is what happens

350+425=775 now divided by 2 for 2 Antminers, 775/2=387. This means the amount of shares will be based on 387 GH/s. You do not wish to short change yourself.

The second main reason why you give each miner a different address or worker is for full potential of earnings. With the maximum amount of Hashing Power now distributed in the pool you will receive the maximum earning by way of each miner being paid for the work it is producing.

The third reason is for maintenance reasons. If one Antminer is giving you approximately 150 coins each hour, and the other one is giving you 53 coins every 2 hours, you know which miner to replace based on the address you assigned it.

Hopefully this helps you become a more profitable miner. Remember Mining is the most important and intricate part of Cryptocurrency.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Bitcoin Mining Facts

 First Watch the Video On Bitcoin Mining, then understand this is math. After the Video I will Explain How I make a living by mining with antminers, and Not believing any of the blogs and forums because all they did was prove wrong.

Now that You understand the peer to peer mining Let me tell you how Mining with the Antminer really works. As I have stated i have been mining with the Antminer S3, and Ignoring the blogs and forums because they do not apply at all. I live in a place where Electricity is included, so my electric and all Utilities is $0.00. Now I am free to mine as much as I want 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year at one low price.

Now the Antminer S3 can be placed on Load balance or Balance, depending how you want to mine. For the record IT MAKES NO SENSE TO MINE 1 POOL when you have all this power that you can divide and multiply the income X3.
I say now and for the record No One would mine one pool it will never ever reap you benefits.

I have three pools listed in the minier configuration tab of the Antminer. the goal for me was 6 antminer S3 and in order to prepare for the upcoming difficulty I will invest in 2 Antminer S5 and 1 S7. This way I have the benefit of being ready as the difficulty rises..

Now I am not mining Bitcoin, the reason Bitcoin goes up is the massive amount I buy at the end of each week. The object is to find the right pool that you can mine SHA256 Algorithm on that will reap you the most coins in a 7 day period. For example you set your Antminers S3 all of them on a certain pool where you get paid in Digibytes(DGB) at the end of the week you have 1,250,000 DGB multiply that by 2 for the two week pay and that is 1.5 BTC(Almost $900.00) for the 2 weeks. That is more than some people make working Period.

Thats just one coin, You can mine Peercoin, or Digitalcoin, or any other two coins that you want. The easier it is to get the more you make. Difficulty is the game. Forget the price of the coin, because Less is more.

As I have stated my rent is a little over 675 per Month. That is plenty. I am so sick and tired of these so-called BITCOIN WISDOM people that actually have none. I live on it easy, so can you. This is math, the only blogs I should be reading is those that are living free from this currency, Because If i see one more fraud blog as I call them it only shows that THEY CANNOT DO IT, because they lack common math skills.

Moral of this story, Trust no one but yourself. If you can add you can make this work.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Currency Revolution will set you free

In the midst of the central bankers collapsing our money, and the Federal Government are as crooked as they come, a dawn of a new era is here. The currency revolution is what will set you free. If you really truly love your family, if you truly believe in your heart that you deserve a better lifestyle, then you are right.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do on the old system, the US Dollar, you can never get ahead. This is mainly because the Federal Reserve controls the printing of the money. Theyt can at anytime seize your bank accounts, pensions, disability, and any other compensation you may have. If you think it can not happen, all you have to do is look at Greece. They stole these people's life savings.

The only way for prosperity is to adopt to free Internet peer to peer currency. This way you become the boss, you become free. If you truly want freedom, then may I suggest you learn it. This currency is the currency of the future. The US dollar is about gone. On a global scale the actual value of the dollar is $0.11. This reason is why many items are inflating in price over the years, because our dollar value is too low to meet global markets.

Time to stop being led astray by all the idiots that favor the Central Banks and start looking to your heart. Watch the video above, and then just ask your self one question, Are my family and I worth living free?

Monday, June 27, 2016

What is the blockchain?

F irst we discussed that the blockchain was an open source ledger. That is the first priority. This video shows what the blockchain actually has to make humanity free. We always said that this is a call to arms, however, the weapon is your mind and conciousness. That being said all weapons need to be armed. In order to arm your mind you need to wake up. Digital currency is the peaceful revolution to set the individual free. I truly feel sorry for the dumb poor saps not using it.

Mining tutorial

We have discussed mining to a degree. Here is how to fully understand mining. We now know what mining is, but it seems like people truly do not understand it's significance.

When a coin or site gets hacked, dumb people instantly panic and sell bitcoin, no matter if it was an Alton that got hacked.

Did you all forget that the bitcoin network is highly secured due to all the miners. The veterans, such as myself shrug our shoulders and keep mining.

Bitcoin did not go down to a dollar did it? No. It was stable because we continue to mine it and use it.

Secondly, if the value drops a bit, good, it simply means the difficulty will drop too. If Bitcoin value was $1,000 for 1 bitcoin the mining difficulty would be very high. We would adapt and overcome, of course but if it lowers Ok fine the difficulty lowers too. Brain dead people will always compare it to dollars, such as buy low and sell high. Bull. I always buy high so I can sell higher which also increases the value of bitcoin.

For the record mining is the most important and Intricate part of bitcoin

Friday, June 3, 2016

Creating your own Wealth with Cryptocurrency.

A while back I had stated that cryptocurrency was the gamers currency. That statement was a fact. Yes I compared it to WARCRAFT, but that is only because the WARCRAFT game is one of the strategy games. Another strategy game that helps you understand this currency is MONOPOLY TYCOON.

I have already shown you the TEKCOIN wallet that is mining to itself and gains interest, which becomes an AUTOMATIC depositing savings account that adds interest just for keeping your wallet open to secure the network. Why stop there? Another Wallet I have downloaded and got completely synced with the network was Evergreencoin (EGC).

This is another wallet that I have set to mine to which adds interest, or staking too. In theory, I have built 2 credit unions which are for me. Some of the benefits I get from it are:

1. NO FEES FOR INACTIVITY. I do not have to check up on it, I do not have to do anything. The mining and the staking, or interest, are on fully automatic.
2. NO CHARGES OR ACCOUNT START UP FEES. You will never have to pay anything to set up your wallet and start getting coins to it.

As you can see, with BITCOIN there are so many things you can friggen do with it, that you only limit yourself. Understanding how these strategy games were played, makes it that much easier to use this currency and get the most out of it.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Crypto Currency Mining 101

          This blog post is to rebuttal a troll. Yes I already know most trolls are stupid and paid for to discredit anyone, or anything that works for the better of humanity, but Tilp66 or whatever im about to tell you drink more fluoride and become more idiotic as I show you the light.

Let us go to the main passage I always state, “ The People have control over their own money.” Now with that control comes what?...... Responsibility. Self Responsibility is the answer. Now we covered the three jobs or functions mining does to earn coins

1. Production of hashpower by solving math
2. . Secureing the network providing stable security for the peer to peer network
3. and finally accounting by maintaining the open source ledger the Blockchain.

We will be dealing with just the one in this article #1 Production of Hash Power.

This currency gives us the chance to get back to our roots. We were a country and a world backed by production. Lately with the Federal Reserve, bankers, elites we have become a consumers nation. We have not really produced anything until now.

Let us take for an example you have gone to a pawn shop and was lucky enough to find an Alien ware desktop computer quad 7 processor with a radion 720 graphics card added. Here in Las Vegas that would not be uncommon because some people are addicted to gambling and pawn things they have no idea what they had. OK, for the sake of this example you get the computer home set it up, install the mining software and choose the pool and coin you are going to mine with your GPU, graphics card. You do this on Saturday morning, and start the miner and go about your business.

The next week comes around and for the entire 7 days you notice that you made a grand total of $20.00 for the week including the work on the faucets for the assist. This does not mean that Bitcoin does not work. This is production boys and girls. You will be paid the right price for the amount of production of Hash Power you are producing into the network.

Now we know it is our responsibility so we need to first figure out how much a week we need to have to live on. I, just like those that are smart in this game live in places where the electricity and all utilities are included. My rent is $336. every two weeks or $670 a month. This means I need at least $400 a week only for basic needs. Food shelter and clothing. I have other income to buy luxuries, and have fun, but we are not covering that now.

So back to the weekly of $20.00. I know another computer will not produce any more hash power, in fact, it may only double it to $40.00 if I am lucky. So I look for an ANTMINER 460-600GH/s far better than 365 KH/s Now we get an antminer S3 they are not that expensive anyone selling them over $40.00 now is a criminal because of all the super new ones out, that make you convert your plugs to 220. This is why I like the S3.

Ok so if you remember when Bitcoin was getting very popular I said it was like a job if you plan on not receiving a paycheck for the first month you will be ok. Think about it this way. You go looking for a job. You apply online, then 1 week later you get called for an interview. You get an offer, but they are now doing the criminal background check. So far two weeks have passed and no pay yet. The back ground check comes back a week later they schedule for a drug test. 48 hours later you pass the drug test and they get you to start. Your first paycheck will be in two weeks. THAT IS FIVE WEEKS WITH NO PAY. It is the same darn thing.

Now back to the mining. You get the first antminer home set up to sell hash power that pays you in bitcoin weekly. Remember this is all High figuring, but it is an easy example to get you to understand and the math is on tens so it becomes easy to add up. The first week with the GPU, the Antminer, and the faucets as the assist nets you $150 for the week. Now you see the difference but that is still not enough calculate what the Antminer did by itself in production and then you can get an idea of how many more you need to run that if you want to take a trip and not do the fauce6s for a few days it will not matter because the Antminers have the ratio.

Let us just say for easy understanding that you have come to a logical, and mathematical decision based on addition that you only need 3 more Antminers to make what you need. Get them set them up configure them and off you go.

The true moral of this is not the mining, it is the fact that you are in control of your own pay, you alone are responsible. Do you get it now? If you are not making what you need IT IS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT UNDERSTANDING MATH.

Why Cryptocurrency surpassed the test.

Remember back not to long ago when nerdbux, and neobux were thought to be the money. They really were not even close. The purpose of making money on the Internet was to get a weekly pay, not a pay that will come if I spend hours upon hours for half a penny.

What Bitcoin has done was to allow the miners to collect a weekly paycheck while using the faucets for a daily assist to their earnings. Neobux could never come close to this. The very reason why it was so difficult to earn money online was because you were still focused on the same currency controlled by the elites and the central bankers. This was like trying to play a chess game against them and they only gave you two pawns to use against all their pieces. There is no logical way the average man can win.

Cryptocurrency changes the game and levels the playing field, now we have all the pieces on the chess board as well, which if you think about it, gives you the fair ability to make a life that you did not have before. This was mainly because they control the printing of money and not to mention how much they paid themselves during every financial crisis. Believe me they ate fine while the majority of Americans as well as people around the world struggled.

Miners, which are the people, determine the value of the coin by mining it and using it. This is truly the main reason why BITCOIN is the people's money. We are in control. Miners work and it is through the computer work they earn.

The main reason for this article was to show you the difference of every pay to click bogus site of the past as compared to real currency that we have the control. It is a big difference. Want to help keep the knowledge flowing? Would you like to take back our education and free us from MONSNTO the jerk, donate to the cause. We are in the midst of decentralizing education to free the minds, but as you can imagine im on an upward battle but I will not give up. Hey im a Taurus im bull headed when I see something that needs to be accomplished.

If you want to donate go to the about me page and you can donate cryptocurrency and put what you are donating for. There is openings for suggestions to.

Fixing a problem of a pool mining the wrong coin

This post is going to cover an email I received concerning the fact that a fiend of mine entered his doge coin address in a pool and when he checked the particular site, for some strange reason it was mining unbreakable coin.

Let us remember that this in retrospect is program able money. With that being said  let us go through the steps with bfgminer. This works on most other mining programs. When you start bfgminer you will enter the url for the pool. Then, if you are mining dogecoin for example, you enter your dogecoin address. After you hit enter again it will show password, there is usually no password for p2pools or most hashpower selling sies, so just type the following:

px c=doge

This will prompt the pool that the coin being mined or paid is dogecoin.

I hope this was useful

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Best way to use Faucets

  There are many questions of if you can use faucets to make a living with crypto currency. If you use them alone, then the answer is NO. There is a way that utilizes the faucets for what they are suppose to be used for and that is an assist.

 Everyone knows what an assist is, even those that have their nose stuck in a basketball game. Let us take a look on the best way to use the faucets to assist the income.

  Let us look at an example. Let us say you are using X11 to mine Dash (Digital Cash). This would tell you the faucets you will use an assist to gain more income to your mining. You will do the DASH faucets. The more DASH faucets you do the better the assist to the mining income you will receive. The same goes for any coin you are mining, you always use the faucets of the exact same coin you are mining to multiply the income.

 It clearly makes no sense to be mining DOGECOIN and do peercoin faucets. I am sorry but the peercoin will be sitting in a wallet and DOGECOIN in another wallet. If you exchange the peer then you have to pay fees and then when you send the dogecoin you have to pay fees, so knowing that there are fees, would it not make sense to do the one time fee trade instead of several?

Im not saying if you want to save coins like a savings account that you shouldn't do that. I am saying that for income purposes to live on you need to organize your mining with the faucets you are doing. Some sell their hashpower and get paid in Bitcoin, then do the bitcoin faucets to the exact same wallet.

The person that stated he only made enough to get beer at the end of the week, really had no understanding of math. Just because One person Fails, does not mean all will fail. The intelligent people already know how to make this work. There are several of us that are making this work.

If you like the information and would like more in the future let me know that the information is appreciated. You can always donate to the cause. I accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, and Dogecoin

DOGECOIN:   DEtpgkFpPnje6opmYNFqYuLaTQwy56zhwJ

DASH: Xujzv1GZsbqYVLh78T8oK9PU6we9FUWn1H

Bitcoin:   3Jusigzw7MgUaSJX1brE5TkNPpMnGGjbzy


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mining with a purpose

The one thing that I have done here is set up a do-it-yourself automatic depositing savings account.

 What I did first was to download the Tekcoin Wallet. I did this because Tekcoin is one of the currencies that has no limit on how many coins. Once I ran the wallet I let it sync up and after it was synced to the network I encrypted it,as well as unlocked it for staking only.

Once that main step was completed I ran my bfgminer program that I had set up to mine Tekcoin to my wallet using the address for that wallet.

Now coins are coming in automatically every so often, and when they get to a certain amount they will stake or add interest.

This will continue to deposit Tekcoin into my wallet and stake without me having to do anything at all. Think about it, I have a fully automatic depositing savings account.

Crypto Currency The Road to freedom

I have been in the CryptoCurrency aspect of life for almost 3 years now. I have not let the skeptics sway my decision to get into this field. The reason is the open source code shows that this currency, free from the crooked Central Banks Works so much better, and yet being backed by raw mathematics, allows this currency to be perfect. Sure there will always be those that have no brains and want to do bad, but that is not the majority, that is actually the minority.

If you think about it, the US Dollar has bought more drugs than the crypto currency would ever be able to keep up with. So let us look at this from a logical perspective


Crypto Currency in itself is not governed or controlled by any central bank or government entity.

Crypto Currency is inflation proof. The program software already has the limit of each specific coin. Bitcoin being the standard is the central point and acts as Networking gold.

In the event of an economic crisis that the Central banks cause, crypto currency users become officially immune and can continue to purchase day to day items strengthening the economy.

So how is crypto coins produced?

Crypto currency, such as Bitcoin, is produced by a process called mining. Mining is the process where the miner actually does three things.

1. The Computer or miner is used to solve very highly sophisticated mathematical computations producing what is called hash power.
2. It is this Hashpower that in turns secures the network also providing security to the network.
3. And finally, each miner verifies transactions that are made on the network which keeps the record on an open source ledger known as the blockchain. In reality this means every miner keeps the books which prevents a lot of headaches. This is how they earn amounts of coins which then brings new coins into circulation.

If you really think about it, if all were smart the central banks would be illegal because they can manipulate books, records, and documents which would benefit them. The Blockchain PREVENTS such tampering allowing this to be the true peoples money to flourish the economy.

OK I would love to be involved but my computer is terrible.

There are so many sites now where you can mine crypto currency on the network. This is called cloud mining. Most intelligent people in the mining game, at least here, live in places where electricity is included. This allows the most productive and profitable mining resource. If you are not in that category there are a number of sites that you can start for free. And you will never have to pay phony us dollars to upgrade to make more money. Let us look at one site TOPMINE
This is a site that you can choose which currency you want to mine. If you choose to invest the investment is done different. You exchange the coins you want to invest to Tera X or hashpower coins this will increase the speed of your mining. The More tera X coins you have the faster your currency will mine. Obviously the faster your currency mines the more you will make.

The crypto currency world is suppose to be eager to help all to achieve financial freedom so life can be about living. There are some that do not. I for one do not use wallets that do not support what crypto currency is suppose to be. I do not support Coin Base or a few others. I do however support Electrum, and XAPO bitcoin wallets.

I hope this gives you an understanding that just because you may own a computer from 1984 does not mean you can not earn. Join the real peaceful revolution, get on board to be able to not only live life the way it was meant to be, but get on board to make a difference in strengthening our economy.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Gamers Currency Part II

          I know I have said this before when the ore-mine.org was legitimate, as well as the bitfactory. The truth of the matter is, their formula worked. Let us think back to what it was, if you invest in yourself you will see a great return.

       OK so now with that being said, Let us forget any site that offers it easy, and think logically. This currency IS the currency of the future. With that you must know at lest some math. Let us go to the game Warcraft Once again, remember the peons going back and fourth from the gold mines to the town hall which gave you the gold you needed to expand and upgrade your armor? Well here is what you should have done when the ore-mine went rouge, You should have got yourself an Antminer as your gold mine. Now there are several versions and upgrades in mining bitcoin or any other Alt coin, but I prefer the S3 because I am able to use it well and I have a pattern I follow that has worked for me.  First let us go over the basics.

The Antminer S3 is 330 Watt power output that has worked between 450-600 Gh/s for me on two pools. The power supply I am using is a 600 Watt power supply which is almost double the output of the actual Antminer. I know a youtube video was brought up that the S3 does not work with a 600 watt power supply, but that is false. By basic math you learned in the 4th grade you should know that. Look at this formula:  330<600. 330 watts is less than 600 watts, so a 600 watt power supply is perfect fr it. The above picture shows that the Antminer is connected by 2 PCI-e inserts, as well as the power supply is connected to the mother board. ( I actually usually have it all packed up in the computer but it was easier to show the assembly.)

There is a setup proceedure to put in the pool and port as well as your address of the coin you are mining, if you are selling Hashpower you can get paid in Litecoin, Dashcoin, Bitcoin, as well as a few others. I run two pools on balance, which mines two pools simultaneously.

             The moral of this is to not trust a person, but trust in yourself. Bitcoin in itself is the freedom of the people to make their own currency, as well as to learn this system to see every application that bitcoin can provide for what they want. Life is about living, not about being slaves. Learn this, accept it, and embrace it. The more you know, the more you do, the more you will receive.